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Learn How to Type with These Helpful Free Websites

Learn to Type Websites for adults and kids

If you want to learn how to touch type instead of hunt and peck, or if you simply want to improve your typing speed and accuracy, these websites can help you learn to type with lessons, practices, and games.

Learning how to type without looking at the keyboard might seem daunting, but good online typing programs can make quick work of the process and throw in some fun along the way. The best learn-to-type websites ensure lessons are balanced and well-paced, so you only learn a few new keys at a time and won’t get overwhelmed. These sites will also offer plenty of ways to practice, review, and test yourself on keys you’ve learned through basic typing practices or fun typing games. They’ll help you gradually improve your accuracy and speed.

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Track Your Metrics: Typing.com

Typing.com learn to type lessons typing games track typing speed and accuracy

Typing.com (Free) makes it easy to jump in and start learning how to type, with lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced typists. The website doesn’t require you to have an account to take lessons, but signing up for a free account is recommended, as it allows you to save your progress and track important metrics like your accuracy, speed, and note keys you’re struggling with. The site does a terrific job tracking all possible metrics thoroughly and makes it easy for you to review them whenever you want to monitor your progress.

Beginner lessons teach three new keys per lesson, starting on the home row and branching out to other rows before all of the home row is taught. Intermediate lessons teach whole words by row, then move on to capitalization, punctuation, sentences, and paragraphs. Advanced lessons work on teaching letter accuracy and speed while introducing numbers and symbols. The site also offers page and timed tests, fun typing games for all ages, and lets you earn achievements. The cool thing about Typing.com is that it is also a resource for learning about digital literacy and basic coding curriculum, so you’ll be a well-rounded online citizen.

Terrific for Kids: Typing Club

Typing Club kids learn to type fun typing games google for education partner
Typing Club

Typing is a skill that kids need to learn as well, and Typing Club (Free) makes it fun and easy—it’s great for kids, but can also work for adults. Typing Club is a Google for Education Partner used by over 23 million students, 50,000 schools and school districts, and over 300,000 teachers. The website has a clean modern interface, and because it’s all web-based, your child can log in and access their typing lessons from any computer.

Typing Club has tons of lessons and plenty of opportunities for thorough typing practices and reviews, all of which are designed to present an interactive experience for your child as they watch short instructional videos, test their skills with games, and type their way through challenges. As lessons progress, your kid will learn both common and tricky words, punctuation, capitalization, symbols.

Turning on the Voice Over feature reads each word out loud as it is typed to help cement newly taught words, and the Typing Playback feature makes it easy to review past performances. The only downside of Typing Club is that lessons don’t vary for different ages, but they are all fun and colorful and teach the content well nevertheless.

Most Language Options: Typing Study

Typing Study learn to type in different languages type other keyboard layouts
Typing Study

If you want to learn how to type in a language besides English or in a different keyboard layout, like Dvorak, Typing Study (Free) is a great place to do so, as it offers courses for 108 unique languages and keyboard layouts. It’s worth noting that when you choose a different language to learn to type in, the language that all of the instructions and website options changes to that language as well. There is also a page on the site that shows you what the keyboard for each keyboard layout and language looks like, which is nice to have as a reference.

Every language and keyboard layout comes with 15 lessons, each with their own topics and drills. There are also speed and accuracy tests, games, and drills for learning how to type on a 10-key numeric keypad, and the site’s clean easy-to-use interface makes learning a cinch.

Customize Your Lessons: Speed Typing Online

Speed Typing Online customized typing lessons free typing lessons
Speed Typing Online

With Speed Typing Online (Free), you can follow the 17 classic lesson plans or customize your own lessons, goals, and lesson lengths. Speed Typing Online allows you to create your own lessons by telling it which keys you want to learn or improve on, what you want your typing goals to be, and even shorten or lengthen individual lessons to better fit your schedule. It also offers some advanced lessons for mastering individual key rows, capitalization, punctuation, the 10-key numeric keypad, and different keyboard layouts like AZERTY.

As you learn new keys, you can also put your knowledge to the test with Speed Typing Online’s fun gaming challenges, with Easy and Moderate to Difficult game options. You’ll need to create a free account to save your progress and any goals or lessons you’ve taken the time to customize.

Designed for Adult Beginners: GCFLearnFree

GCFLearnFree learn typing for adults adult education goodwill industries

If you’re one of many adults who didn’t have the opportunity to learn touch typing in high school or college, you can learn today with GCFLearnFree (Free). For each of the 31 typing lessons, you can choose either Learn mode or Practice mode. In Learn mode, you’ll be guided step-by-step through the varying lessons and levels where you learn about core letter and punctuation keys by watching animated videos, and Practice mode lets you jump in a start practicing the new keys you’ve learned. At any point, you can decide to move to another lesson or review previous lessons, and decide how many rounds of practice you want.

GCFLearnFree is a solid program for beginner typists, but it doesn’t track speed or accuracy. So, if you care about those metrics, and if you want to engage in tests or get a certification, you might eventually want to switch to a more comprehensive learn-to-type website once you’ve mastered the basics. The program is dedicated to helping people learn the skills needed to live and work in the twenty-first century, and it is partially funded by Goodwill Industries.

Designed for Adult Beginners


You can finally learn how to properly type and learn letters, words, and punctuation.

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