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Google Adds Personal Safety Checks and Battery Improvements to Pixel Phones

A Pixel phone wth a "new features!" banner.

Every few months, Google adds new features to Pixel phones like portrait blur or dark theme scheduling. Now in the latest Pixel drop, Google is focusing on your safety and battery life. Pixel phones can now schedule check-ins, for when you’re walking alone, and they can predict when your battery will run low and adapt accordingly.

To start, Google is making improvements to its Personal Safety app for Pixel phones. Pixel 3 phones can now detect car crashes, bringing it up to speed with the Pixel 4. But a new feature is designed to help you when you’re on your own.

Start a timer from the app before you go on a walk or hike alone, and the app will send a check-in notification when the timer ends. If you don’t respond, the Personal Safety app will reach out to your emergency contacts.

Pixel phones now also keep an eye on their battery life. The phones will predict when battery life is likely to be low and reduce background activity to extend battery life. Pixel phones can also now provide calming sounds, and better do not disturb options to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Other Android phones are getting in on the better night of sleep action too. The YouTube app now has a “go to sleep” reminder function, so you don’t stay up all night watching “just one more video.” And Android is getting better family controls so you can keep your kids from using their phones all night when they should be sleeping.

Google says the updates are rolling out now, so you may have to wait a bit to see the changes.

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