Facebook Launches a Tool for Transferring Photos and Videos to Google Photos

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Back in 2018, the world’s leading tech and social media companies came together to join the Data Transfer Project, an initiative that hopes to make data transfer between websites quick and easy. As a first step toward this goal, Facebook just released a tool that lets you transfer photos and images from Facebook to Google Photos.

Facebook’s new Photo Transfer Tool is available worldwide and makes photo and video transfer as easy as possible. You can check out an in-depth guide at How-To Geek, but the gist of it is pretty simple. You just open your Facebook Settings, select “Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos,” and log into your Google Photos account. Once you confirm the transfer, you can do whatever you want. Facebook will notify you when the transfer is complete.

It’s rare for Facebook to encourage users to move data off of its website, but hey, we’re happy to see it. If the Photo Transfer Tool isn’t available on your Facebook account, then wait a day or two for the feature to finish rolling out. Also, keep an eye on the Photo Transfer Tool, as Microsoft plans to integrate it with Twitter, iCloud, and OneDrive.

Source: Facebook via Android Central

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