Doom, Doom II, and Stardew Valley Are Free for some Chromebook Owners


Google likes to offer a rotating selection of free “perks” to Chromebook owners. And boy, it’s hard to pass on the free games and software that Google is giving away right now. For a limited time, DoomDoom II, and Stardew Valley are free for qualifying Chromebook users.

The Doom games are usually $5 each, and Stardew Valley usually retails for $8. Other Chromebook perks include a free VSCO membership, the Duet Display app, The Elder Scrolls: Legends expansion pack, and an in-app Fallout Shelter item pack.

Bear in mind that Chromebook perks are available for a limited time and don’t work on all computers. We couldn’t redeem a free copy of Doom on our newer Chromebooks, but our older Chromebooks qualified for the perk. Ryne Hagar at Android Police reports having a similar experience.

Source: Google via Android Police

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