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5 Relaxing YouTube Channels for Furniture Restoration and Makeovers

A person applying varnish to a wooden table.

Need to chill out for a moment? Sometimes, it’s nice to sit back, tune out, and watch people restore or reimagine old furniture. It sounds weird, but it isn’t too different than watching Bob Ross. You get to see an ugly chair or table return to glory, all while watching passionate restorers explain their process along the way.

But you aren’t here to read a bunch of words, you’re here to check out some furniture restoration videos. These videos aren’t guides, but they might inspire you to strip down your old coffee table and start anew. After all, basic furniture restoration is a lot more accessible than woodworking. (Woodworking videos are pretty relaxing, too.) So, without further ado, here are five YouTube channels to help you chill out and learn some restoration secrets.

Dashner Design & Restoration: Renewing Mid-Century Furniture

Most furniture restoration videos are accompanied by music, and regularly feature the face of their host. But Dashner Design & Restoration videos are all about the art, the restoration process, and the sounds of a cozy work environment.

I love the pacing of Dashner Design’s videos and the sounds of birds and rain that you often hear in the background. It’s easy to center your attention on these videos and fall into a trance, but I’ve found that they also make for great background noise while working.

Our Favorites:

Ashleigh Lauren Furniture Repurposing DIYs: Turning Trash to Treasure

Out with the old, in with the new. Ashleigh Lauren takes old or neglected furniture and gives it life, often with a new paint job or a totally new purpose. Her videos are quick, but they go step-by-step and include instructions that can help you reinvigorate Goodwill furniture or the old chairs and tables that are floating around your house.

The thing that I like about Ashleigh Lauren’s furniture makeovers is that they’re affordable and easy to copy. She also makes videos on Rental-Friendly DIYs and Budget-Friendly DIYs, which is just icing on the cake.

Our Favorites:

Thomas Johnson Antique Furniture Restoration: Long, Difficult Restorations

There’s nothing like an intense long-form restoration video. If you’re ready to watch a carpenter turn unsalvageable antiques into priceless treasures, then tune into Thomas Johnson Antique Furniture Restoration. Maybe you should bring some snacks, because the best Tom Johnson videos are painstaking, detailed, and loooong. In a different universe, Thomas Johnson would have a show on the Discovery or History channel.

Our Favorites:

April Bee’s DIY Home Series: Bringing Old Furniture Up to Date

Furniture restoration videos can be a little formulaic. A restorer will strip down a table or a desk, fix any blemishes, apply a finish, and call it a day. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good formula, but sometimes it’s nice to see an old piece of furniture undergo a complete makeover.

And that’s where April Bee’s DIY Home Series comes in. April Bee knows how to take old furniture and brings it up to date, often with a totally new look and a brand new purpose. She films her videos with static time-lapsed shots, which make the transformation process exciting and easy to follow. Just be careful, you might be inclined to break out some paint after going through April Bee’s channel.

Our Favorites:

Ross Taylor Woodworks: Rapid-Fire Professional Restoration

Ross Taylor is a professional carpenter who uploads his furniture repair jobs to YouTube. No frills, no music, just rapid-fire professional restorations in a well-lit work environment. My favorite thing about Ross’ channel is that he manages to restore some of the oldest crappiest furniture that I’ve ever seen, all while staying casual and informative. I also like that Ross cuts his longer jobs into multiple episodes, so you aren’t stuck watching one long video.

Our Favorites:

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