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Here Are the Trailers for Every Game Sony Announced at Its PlayStation 5 Event

Aloy, from upcoming game "Horizon Forbidden West" watching the sun set.
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The next generation of gaming is upon us! And after the PlayStation 5 showcase yesterday, it’s clear Sony’s strategy for tackling this new generation is the same as the last generation. Produce tons of high-quality exclusives until people give in and buy your console. And with 26 games announced or shown-off yesterday, there’s bound to be at least a couple that piques your interest.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Port

While a port of an extremely well-known seven-year-old game isn’t a jaw-dropping announcement, there is a reason why Grand Theft Auto 5 has stayed in the limelight for so long—it’s simply a great game. And with enhanced visuals and improved performance, the PS5 version is sure to be the best version of the game to date. Sony also announced that PlayStation 5 owners get GTA Online free at launch. Additionally, starting yesterday, PlayStation 4 get $1 million in GTA cash every month until the Playstation 5 version GTA V  launches in 2021.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales (Holiday 2020)


Get ready to swing through the beautiful streets of New York once more, because we’ve got a spinoff to 2018’s Marvel’s Spiderman coming right around the corner. This time it stars Miles Morales of comic book and Spiderverse fame.

We don’t know much about this new adventure, but regardless, it’s sure to deliver on the same top-notch gameplay and storytelling that made the first game so great—just with a cooler Spiderman costume. It’s coming out later this year, so we shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out more.

Despite some early reports that this could be a DLC expansion instead of a full sequel, the developers have since confirmed it would be a standalone game, and that it will be smaller in scope than the last Spider-Man game.

Grans Turismo 7

The Gran Turismo series has always served as the Playstation’s spotlight racing games, so there’s really no surprise to see one for the PS5 already. From the beautiful environments to the ridiculously detailed car interiors, Gran Turismo 7 is sure to be a fantastic showcase of the PS5’s power, all while delivering on some great fast-paced racing action.

 Ratch and Clank: Rift Apart (TBD)

It’s been a while since the last fully-original Ratch and Clank game, but Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart looks like a triumphant return for the series. While the base gameplay of jumping and shooting looks mostly the same, the new dimension-hopping mechanic is sure to mean a fun story with some cool setpieces.

Project Athia (TBD)

While we know next-to-nothing about Project Athia, it looks interesting. The trailer shows-off some unique enemy designs alongside a couple of short bursts of gameplay that seem to imply some sort of magic or spell-casting system. It should be interesting to see how this one develops.

Stray (2021)

The trailer for Stray only really showed off its sale-pitch: you play as a cat in a world where humans have (seemingly) died out, and robots have taken their place. According to the developers, the gameplay will be “action-packed” alongside featuring some puzzle-solving elements. That at least gives us an idea of what sort of game Stray is, but we’ll need to wait for some more details to come out to grasp it fully.

Returnal (TBD)

Returnal sees you playing as some kind of space explorer who crashlands on a hostile alien planet. And while most humans would just die immediately in that situation, you’re stuck in a time loop, you’re going to need to piece together what’s going on here. The short amount of gameplay we saw featured some third-person shooting, but we don’t know anything about the gameplay besides that.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure (TBD)


Featuring everyone’s favorite stitched together hero, Sackboy: A Big Adventure stars the titular Sackboy from the fantastic Little Big Planet series. But you won’t be the one creating the levels here (as far as we know), this is a proper 3D platformer with some tight-looking gameplay and a fantastic visual style.

Destruction Allstars (TBD)

Do you like Rocket LeagueWhat about demolition derby? If you said yes to both of those questions, Destruction Allstars may just be the game of your dreams. Showing off frantic gameplay and over-the-top characters, Destruction Allstars is sure to be a fun game to literally destroy your foes in.

Kena: The Bridge of Spirits (TBD)

Kena is a new action-adventure game that features some form of Pikmin-like minion mechanic. The visuals are stylistic and beautiful, and it seems like the tiny creatures you command will play a major role in combat, so Kena: The Bridge of Spirits will have its own identity when it releases eventually.

Goodbye Volcano High (2021)

Taking a step away from the high-fidelity 3D visuals we’ve seen so far, Goodbye Volcano High features a hand-drawn art style and seems to be about a group of dinosaur teenagers finding their way in life. We know nothing of the story and gameplay besides that, but Goodbye Volcano High  has the potential to leave a lasting impact if it plays its cards right.

Oddworld: Soulstorm (TBD)

Oddworld is back with the same 2D platforming action and twisted-comedic tone of the previous games. We don’t know much about the plot for this one, but the visuals have taken a step up from the previous entry Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty.

Ghostwire: Tokyo (2021)

Originally shown off at E3 2019, Ghostwire: Tokyo is back with a brand-new gameplay trailer. So now we know that you, um, shoot fireballs out of your hands? Yeah, we still don’t know much about this one, but it’s great to get a look at some gameplay (even if it is a somewhat limited look).

Jett: The Far Shore (Holiday 2020)

Looks like the Earth has hit its limit, because Jett: The Far Shore sees you taking off in a spaceship to explore new planets and, hopefully, find a new home. For any fans of exploration games or space simulators, Jett seems like an obvious game to keep your eye on.

Godfall (Holiday 2020)


Featuring fast-paced combat with a wide variety of weapons, Godfall is sure to be a game you can really sink your teeth into mechanically speaking. So grab your sword and prepare to fight the mad god Macros, because you’ve got a whole lot of slashing to do.

Solar Ash (2021)

Coming from the developers of the now-iconic indie game Hyper Light DrifterSolar Ash seems like it’s going to deliver on the same minimal but powerful storytelling as its pixelated older sibling. But this time you’ll be in 3D and spend your time skating across fantastical environments.

Hitman 3 (January 2021)

A new Hitman game means even more strategic and comical ways to take out your targets. We don’t know if Hitman 3 will be featuring any brand-new mechanics for the series, but for fans of the franchise, this was a welcome announcement.

Astro’s Playroom (Whenever the PS5 Comes Out)

With four unique worlds to explore and plenty of platforms to jump between, Astro’s Playroom is sure to be a delight for any fans of 3D platformers. It will come pre-loaded with your PS5, so Astro may just be your first memory with the new console.

Little Devil Inside (TBD)

This trailer is all over the place, in the best way possible. A unique art style boosts the various environments and characters we see. The game’s structure is hard to figure out going off of the trailer, but it seems like you’ll be switching between the mundane life of an old man and the perilous expeditions of a young explorer as the game goes on.

NBA 2K21 (Fall 2020)

Time to hit the court while looking better than ever. NBA 2K21 is sure to feature the same gameplay that fans love while also displaying visuals that rival the real world.

Bugsnax (Holiday 2020)

From the developers behind OctodadBugsnax was one of the stranger games shown-off. You seemingly eat bugs made out of food to which in turn parts of your body into that food? We have no idea what the gameplay ramifications of such a mechanic will be, but it’s sure to be interesting.

Demon’s Souls (TBD)

A full-on remake of the first Souls game is sure to fill fans with excitement as they prepare to re-experience (or experience for the first time) this dark and difficult world. The visuals look fantastic, and it’s clear that the developer used the power of the PlayStation 5 wisely to revitalize this classic game.


What if the Jedi used guns? That seems to be basic question DEATHLOOP asks, as you play as an extremely acrobatic character with the ability to push and pull enemies out of (or into) your way with the simple wave of your hand, alongside some other superpowers. With an interesting mechanic like that, DEATHLOOP is a game to keep your eye on if you enjoy the FPS genre.

Resident Evil Village (2021)

A new chapter in the iconic survival-horror series, the newest Resident Evil game is sure to leave you crept out or scarred out of your mind. And with the power the PS5 boasts, monsters can look more frightening than ever before.

Pragmata (2022)

Which just a cryptic trailer to go off of, Pragmata is one of the bigger mysteries of the showcase. We know practically nothing about the gameplay, story, or world, but the trailer is undeniably interesting. Hopefully, the game can deliver on that intrigue when it comes out in 2022.

Horzion Forbidden West (TBD)

A sequel to one of the PS4’s best titles, Horizon Forbidden West seems to offer the same open-ended gameplay as Horizon Zero Dawn just in a brand new environment. From tropical cliff faces to crimson forests, it looks like you’ll have plenty of exciting new places to explore with Aloy (and plenty of robot alligators to fight, of course).

Sony’s put-forward quite the lineup of games for this event, and with such a wide range of genres covered including sports, platformers, and shooters, the PS5’s library will seemingly be quite diverse. And while we don’t know the exact release date yet, when you get your hands on the PS5 later this year, it’ll feel even better knowing these games are on their way.

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