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Cameo Will Let You Zoom With the Stars for Lots of Money

Cameo, the service that lets you pay famous people to send you a personalized message, wants to take things a step further. Whereas before you’d submit a script or request and receive back a pre-recorded video, now you can buy a 10-minute Zoom call with your favorite celebrity. But you’ll pay dearly for it.

Last December, I received the most epic birthday gift ever. Batman wished me a happy birthday. No, not that Batman, he sounds gross. And not that Batman, he’s busy as Spider-Man’s nemesis. No, THE Batman, or at least the voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy.

Kevin Conroy is obviously the best Batman (fight me), and it was an incredibly exciting experience to hear Batman tell me he’s got my back on my birthday. Not a bad way to spend $75. But Cameo’s new Zoom call options offer a little bit more. You, and up to three family members, can get a Zoom call from participating celebrities.

But you’ll also pay a lot more than you would for a pre-recorded message. Sean Astin (from Rudy and Lord of the Rings) charges $295 for a pre-recorded message and $600 for a Zoom call. And his markup is downright reasonable compared to some other options. Jonathan Frakes (Will Riker in various Star Trek shows) and Tony Hawk both jump from $200 to $1,000, and Brett Favre is the MVP of markup by moving from $300 to $5,000.

But, if you really want a few minutes with of talk time with your favorite celebrities, no price is too high to pay, right? At least that’s what Cameo thinks. Only time will tell if the fans agree. You can check out which celebrities are joining in on the Zoom action today at Cameo’s site.

via The Verge

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