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The Best Apps for Buying and Selling Used Stuff

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If you have tons of clothing, jewelry, tech, and household gadgets just lying around, or if you’re looking to pick up something new without breaking the bank, these apps make it easy for you to buy and sell used goods.

Many of these apps cater to a specific product niche—like tech or designer clothing and handbags—while others few play host to all types of gear. However, they aren’t the only places where you can buy and sell things. You can also choose to sell or shop through larger establishments, like NextDoor, eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace. Wherever you choose to sell or shop, just be sure to double-check if they have a solid return policy, consignment rules, and some sort of protection against fraudulent listings in place to keep you safe.

Update, 9/8/21: Checked picks for accuracy; deleted LetGo since it was purchased by OfferUp.

Trade Out Your Tech: Decluttr

Decluttr buy and sell used iphones computers gaming consoles dvds ipods smartphones blu-rays

Pretty much everyone has old tech lying around, be it old iPhones or drawers full of DVDs. Luckily, Decluttr (Free, with in-app purchases), makes it easy to get rid of your old electronics and make a few bucks as you do. The listing service is a great way to buy all kinds of gently used tech goodies, from gaming consoles and wearables to laptops and smartphones that previous users have sold to Decluttr. The app even has dedicated sections for physical media like video games, CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays. You can also see the most popular items and the most viewed, and Decluttr backs all purchases with a 14-day money-back guarantee and a free 12-month limited warranty.

You can get instant prices on the tech you want to sell by typing in a product name and adjusting its condition. It’s easy to sell items to Decluttr as well—just choose what type of device you want to sell and decide how you want to receive payment (either through direct deposit or PayPal). Decluttr will then send you your Welcome Pack and free shipping label and you’ll send off your devices, which are fully insured during transit. Before you get paid, Decluttr will determine your condition valuation and may change it if its valuators disagree, and you’ll be all set!

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Community Stylist Driven: Poshmark

Poshmark best online secondhand buy and sell community designer styles

With stock spanning 5,000 brands across all sizes and styles, Poshmark (Free, with in-app purchases) is a great app for fashionistas to buy and sell secondhand apparel, jewelry, shoes, and handbags. Poshmark makes it easy to follow your favorite stylish sellers and even invites you to exclusive themed shopping parties revolving around your favorite brands and styles. The community at Poshmark is enthusiastic and involved, which makes it easy to share the clothing and goods you have to offer and stay up to date on the latest finds.

All listings on Poshmark are free to make, but a seller’s fee is deducted from your final order price. Sales under $15 have a fee of $2.95, while those above $15 are charged a 20% fee. When you make a sale, you’ll receive a free pre-paid shipping label to mail off your item to the buyer. Sales also include free credit card processing and are covered with buyer protection. And the listings? They’re easy to create: all you need to do is add a photo, price, and description, though you can include info like the brand name, colors, and size as well if you want.

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Solid No-Fraud Policy for Designer Goods: Tradesy

Tradesy buy and sell used designer handbags clothing shoes jewelry

With a focus on luxe designer goods, Tradesy‘s (Free, with in-app purchases) insistence on taking care of the customer is impressive. The company ensures product authenticity with a money-back guarantee, so you’ll never have to worry about ending up with a fraudulent replica. With that in mind, Tradesy makes it easy and enjoyable to shop designer handbags, clothing,  shoes, accessories, and even wedding attire on the site, or you can see everything that’s available from a specific designer. You’ll by items directly from the seller.

Tradesy is also awesome because it offers product spotlights, curated picks from editors, and it has dedicated sections for sales and new arrivals. Creating a listing only takes a moment, and the app is designed to help you get top price for your gear. Plus, Tradesy covers the cost of the shipping kit and processes returns on its side so you won’t have to deal with that process. Tradesy charges a flat commission fee of $7.50 for items under $50, and a commission rate of 19.8% for sales over $50.

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Thrify Picks for Women and Kids: ThredUp

ThredUp thrift consignment for women's and kids' clothing

ThredUp (Free, with in-app purchases) specializes in women’s and kids’ thrift consignments, with products spanning 35,000 brands. Plus, the list-style site thousands of new items are added every day. You can easily peruse clothing by brand, style, or department on the app, which includes categories for maternity, plus size, and designer swag. Or, you can opt for one of its fun Goody Boxes in which you’ll receive 10 random pieces of clothing based on your style (say Comfy Chic, Trending Styles, or At-Home Athleisure), and only have to pay for what you keep.

With so many categories and a consistent variety of sales, the site seems much easier to use for shoppers than for sellers. Though the site lists the exact types of things ThredUp is currently looking to receive and says you can earn cash or credit, its payout table, listing window, bidding window, and consignment timeline seem unnecessarily convoluted. Furthermore, while everything regarding product listings is handled on ThredUp’s end, including photography and product descriptions, the strict inspection quality standards (like no fading, pilling, odors, or alterations) means a good portion of the stuff you send them to sell may not be accepted.

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Ship, Don’t Meet: Mercari

Mercari best used goods online shop for shipping no in-person meet ups

If you’ve ever hesitated over buying used stuff online because you didn’t want to meet up with a weird stranger with tons of cash in your pocket, consider Mercari (Free, with in-app purchases), as your alternative. All purchases are shipped so you’ll never have to stress out about in-person swaps again. Mercari is great for all kinds of things, like clothing, electronics, sporting goods, and there’s even a dedicated section for vintage picks. As you browse through Mercari’s offerings, you can narrow your search by brand name, and even look at daily deals.

For sellers, simply upload a photo of what you’re selling, add a quick description, and set your own price; however, keep in mind that Mercari has a flat 10% selling fee that’s applied once a sale is completed. Once your items sells, you’ll receive a shipping label and mail it directly to your buyer.

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Free Listings for Sellers: Vinted

Vinted buy and sell your stuff online no sellers fees

On Vinted (Free, with in-app purchases), fortune seems to favor the sellers. Listings are free and there are no sellers fees, unlike most other secondhand clothing stores. Though Vinted is not as upfront with how it makes money as the other companies are, it seems Vinted charges the fee (usually tacked onto the seller’s end) to the buyer in the form of a Buyer Protection Fee, which customers will see applied at checkout.

Vinted sells clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, and beauty products, and you can easily browse inventory with filters like gender, size, color, brand, price, and condition. You can also go to a specific seller’s page to see what they offer and where they’re located, read their reviews written by those who have made purchases through them, message them about an item, and follow them to stay updated on their latest offerings. All purchases are made directly from sellers to you.

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For Kids Clothes: Kidizen

Kidizens buy and sell used childrens clothing online

There’s no denying that kids go through clothes lightning fast. With Kidizen (Free, with in-app purchases), you’ll have a way to keep up with your kids’ clothing needs without busting your budget. You can buy secondhand clothes and goods for your kids, and make a few bucks off of stuff they’ve already grown out of at the same time. The app sells kids’ clothing, shoes, accessories, room decor, toys, books, so it’s like a one-stop shop.

Selling your kids’ old clothing and gear is also a cinch—just take a photo of what you want to sell and name your price. There’s no listing fee, and you can easily chat with buyers to negotiate prices and meeting places, and you’ll drop off your goods in person with the buyer. Kidizen’s buying prices include the shipping costs, and sellers are charged a transaction fee of 12% of the aggregate listing price, plus $0.50 per order.

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Locals Only: OfferUp

OfferUp buy and sell your stuff locally become an online seller

If you only want to sell or buy locally but don’t necessarily want to deal with the weirdos on Craigslist (which is understandable), take a look at what’s available on OfferUp (Free, with in-app purchases). You can peruse or sell all kinds of goods on the app, from vehicles and electronics to furniture and clothing. Just select a category and browse.

For sellers, it takes less than a minute to upload a product, plus you can build up your reputation as a trusted seller with user reviews. Likewise, for those buying, you can review a seller’s profile to ensure they are trustworthy, and you can chat with them about a product to agree on a price, set up an in-person meeting, and ensure every sale is secure for both parties.

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