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10 Gifts You Can Still Get Your Dad For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up, but don’t worry if it’s slipped your mind. There’s still time to find a great gift with our handy recommendations.

While you’re free to browse Review Geek in search of specific recommendations for everything from Spotify speakers to premium coffee makers in search of the perfect gift for ol’ dad, we’ve rounded up some great suggestions with broad appeal for you to peruse (and with just enough time to spare to squeeze in free Prime Shipping from Amazon, too).

A Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

A good Bluetooth speaker let you take your music anywhere. Like, for example, a backyard barbecue. We picked out the best portable Bluetooth speakers that can stand up to the elements for every price point. Whether your priority Is getting the best sound quality, or just making sure your speaker can survive a tumble, you’ll find one for the dad in your life here.

An eBook Reader

Even if the dad in your life is old fashioned, you might be able to sell him on an e-ink ebook reader. As Amazon has proven with the Kindle, these devices are just as comfortable to read has a paper book, while still packing a library’s worth of books in your bag. We rounded up the best ebook readers for every budget here.

A Stick Vacuum

A stick vacuum isn’t like the bulky upright vacuum that you’re used too. These fantastic devices are lightweight and can handle daily cleaning work, without the hassle of pulling the giant vacuum out of the closet. Think of a DustBuster on steroids. Or, if you don’t remember DustBusters, ask your dad to explain them to you after you buy him one of our recommendations for stick vacuums.

A Mechanical Keyboard

Nothing quite beats the comfort and satisfying clichety-clack of a mechanical keyboard. If your dad spends a lot of time on the computer, he might find this style of keyboard more nostalgic than the modern chiclet style that most laptops and even some desktop keyboards seem to have. You can find our recommendations for the best mechanical keyboards here.

A Toaster Oven

A toaster oven makes it super convenient to cook small meals, without all the hassle of needing a full kitchen. We’ve rounded up a variety of toaster ovens, so whether you just want something cheap, or a high end toaster oven with all the bells and whistles, we’ve got something for your father.

A Trackball Mouse

Trackball mice may not be very popular, but they’re really good for anyone who likes precision and comfort when they’re using the computer. You might want to ask your dad which style he prefers before you buy one, since a mouse is a very personal gadget, but we’ve got a handy selection he can pick from right here.

Grilling Accessories and Lawn Games

We’re just going to go ahead and assume that your father already has a grill and is ready to use it this summer. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t find some more grilling toys for him to use. We’ve got everything from skewers to a whole Cuisinart grill kit to pick from right here. Alternatively, if he already has all the metaphorical toys he could need for his grill, you could get these actual toys so the whole family can have fun while the food is cooking.

The Perfect Multitool

If you can’t carry a tool box with you, a multitool is a handy thing to keep in your back pocket so you’re always prepared. Pick up one of our recommendations and your dad will always be ready to for any task that needs scissors, a can opener, or a pair of pliers. We’ve assembled a great roundup of awesome full size multitools and some handy (and more budget friendly) keychain models too.

A Cast Iron Skillet

A cast iron skillet is as much a hobby as it is a cooking utensil, but the more time and effort you spend seasoning it, keeping it clean, and maintaining it, the better the food you cook with it will be. You can check out our round up for everything from a cheap, entry-level cast iron skillet, to a fancy, almost professional-grade skillet that would make any chef jealous.

A Good Mechanical Pencil

You might not think to spend that much money on a writing utensil, but your dad knows that a good one is worth the cost. On the off chance he doesn’t already have a favorite mechanical pencil, you can check out our list of recommendations here.

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