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WaterField Designs Is Selling a “Mac Pro Gear Saddle” and I Will Defend It With My Life

A cowboy riding the WaterField Mac Pro Gear Saddle like a horse.

WaterField Designs is an icon of utility, aesthetics, and innovation. But it turns out that the company’s sexy leather messenger bags, backpacks, and Nintendo Switch pocketbooks (sorry—CitySlicker Bags), were just a precursor to something more significant: the beautiful and enigmatic $400 Mac Pro Gear Saddle.

In the words of WaterField Designs, the Mac Pro Gear Saddle will “turn your Mac Pro into a workhorse.” Hell yeah it will! Like all WaterField products, the Gear Saddle is of genuine full-grain leather. It’ll last a lifetime, it’ll make your Mac smell like a purse, and it’ll complement your kickass cowboy boots.

A nice big photo of the Mac Pro gear saddle.
WaterField Designs

Anyone with riding experience will feel an immediate sense of familiarity with the Gear Saddle, as it lays over the top of your Mac Pro for dual-sided storage without blocking any airflow. It features seven pockets for your USB lassos, your Logitech-branded six shooter, and your bundles of cowboy booty. (Author’s Note: It’s come to my attention that, unlike pirates, cowboys don’t collect booty. I don’t care.)

Say what you want about the Mac Pro Gear Saddle, but I plan to defend it with my life. It’s a wonderful, premium, and absurd accessory for what I think is an absurd computer. I mean that in the best way possible, of course. The Mac Pro looks ridiculous and costs way too much, but it’s a fun and useful product. I feel the same way about WaterFeild’s $400 Gear Saddle.

Also, I’m not sure how you’re supposed to ride the Mac Pro without a saddle. People who buy the $700 Mac Pro wheels without a Gear Saddle are honestly screwing themselves out of a genuine riding experience.

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