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The Most Durable Micro USB Charging Cables For Any Situation

Whether you’re charging your Android phone, Bluetooth speaker, or other device, you likely put a lot of miles on your micro USB cables. Here’s a slew of cables designed to withstand all your abuse.

It’s easy to break the cheap cable that comes with your phone, so we’ve tracked down the best and most durable micro USB charging cables out there.

All the cables listed here feature braided or metal sheathing which means they can handle the stress of repeated bending and man handling better than cheaper PVC-sheathed cables. Durable yet flexible, the following cables might just outlive the micro USB port you plug them into.

Anker PowerLine+ Micro USB ($10)

The Anker range of charging cables is a personal favorite of mine because, well, they just work. They look pretty stylish too and come in a variety of different colors. The Anker PowerLine+ range is the most effective of the bunch with the Micro-USB variety promising a lifespan of over 10,000+ bends—you’ll hear us talk a lot about #-of-bends in this roundup, it’s a common way manufacturers quantify stress test results.

Made from a double-braided nylon exterior with a toughened aramid fiber core—aramid fibers are a high performance polymer used in aerospace and military applications–its connectors are laser-welded to ensure a complete and sturdy bond. It’s the kind of cable you can tie knots into, slam in car doors, or walk all over, and it’ll still work. The cables even include a clever pouch (the gray wool

In case of any issues, there’s an 18 month warranty, but I’ve honestly yet to run into any issues with the cables. They’re perfect for day to day use and, frankly, not a whole lot more money than budget cables—less, even, when you factor in their lifespan.

Nomad Ultra Rugged 1.5M USB A to Micro USB ($35)

$35 is a lot to pay for one cable, so what does the Nomad Ultra Rugged cable offer that others don’t? Well, for one thing, it’ll work with any USB powered device. Thanks to a neat adaptor, you can use it to charge your Android phone or your iPhone which is a big help in a multi phone household.

When it comes to ruggedness, the Nomad is bordering on indestructible. It’s made with 1000D nylon that was originally developed for the U.S. military as a highly abrasion resistant fabric—in other words it can stand up to a little rough use around your home and office. Further, it features heavy gauge wires that will withstand repeated bending. The cable is rated for 10,000+ bends.

Whether you need something this tough is going to depend on your lifestyle, but if you need something that can survive so much, this is an excellent premium purchase to make. Nomad cables come with a 2 year warranty.

iSeeker High Charging Nylon Braided Micro USB cable ($11)

Available in a 3 pack, the iSeeker High Charging Nylon Braided Micro USB cable is a bargain for a multi-device household. The cables are rated for 8000 bends during day to day use, and it sports a woven fabric cable body over a durable interior core.

Each cable is pretty long at 6 feet, so you don’t need to be tethered to a power point either, plus there are plenty of colors to choose from. The cables come with a lifetime warranty.

Syncwire Micro USB Cable ($8)

Rated for at least 7,000 bends over its lifespan, the Syncwire Micro USB Cable is well priced for what it does. It features laser-welded aluminium connectors, a stainless steel head, and an extra wire jacket layer instead help shore up the cable. With triple-braided nylon fiber sheathing, it should be able to withstand twists, bends, and kinks without much trouble.

For $8, you get two micro USB 3.5ft cables which should suit most needs. There’s a lifetime warranty too.

Fuse Chicken Titan MicroUSB Cable ($25)

The Fuse Chicken Titan MicroUSB Cable is a perfect cable for people who really put the hurt on their micro USB cables. Its industrial-grade cable is wrapped in two layers of flexible, high-strength steel. Its micro USB and USB connectors are permanently sealed with a one piece housing fused directly over the metal cabling, so there’s no weakness there either.

On a more day to day level, it can survive your cats or dogs chewing and clawing at it, and the good old office caster chair test. It’s heavier and more rigid than other cables, but if you need something that can survive a chew happy pet and anything short of being attacked with power tools, it’s hard to fault it, even at this price.

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