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The Most Durable Lightning Cables For Your Charging Needs

The design of the Lightning cable connector is an improvement over past plug types, but the cables are still prone to wear and tear. We’ve rounded up the most durable Lighting cables so you can get more mileage out of them.

The following cable are all Apple’s MFI certified—so you won’t run into any compatibility issues. The cables are also all braided as, generally, braided cables are far more durable and able to withstand bends and knots over extended periods of time. Here’s our top picks.

Anker PowerLine+ II Lightning Cable ($18)

A cable that withstands my finest efforts to treat my charging cable like dirt, the Anker PowerLine+ II Lightning Cable, is just what the average clumsy office worker needs. It’s designed to withstand up to 30,000 bends, as well as offering a tensile strength capable of withstanding 175 lbs.

Made of a double-braided nylon exterior with a Kevlar-reinforced fiber core, it’s tough yet light, with an adjustable pouch for both storing and tweaking the cable length as and when needed. Available in 4 different colors, it’ll fit your home aesthetic well too.

Native Union BELT Cable ($25)

Available in a selection of different stylish designs, the Native Union BELT Cable is also pretty tough. It has a 10,000+ bend lifespan, 4 feet long with an integrated leather strap for wrapping it around when you’re not using the full length, and there’s also the benefit of a lifetime warranty.

Ultimately though, it’s the stylish design that makes the Native Union BELT Cable stand out most. The majority of cables on the market are fairly functional looking but these tie into a better looking home. It might cost a little more than other tough cables, but it’s perfect if you want durability and style rolled into one.

Nomad Ultra Rugged Cable ($35)

The Nomad Ultra Rugged Cable is wrapped in 1000-denier nylon guaranteed to last five years, while still providing maximum protection from wire tears or abrasions.

It’s been tested to survive over 10,000 bends and is suitably tough enough to withstand the occasional chew from your dog or cat. It’s reasonably flexible too, without any detriment to the working quality of the cable. Three meters in length, it should cover all your average needs without any issues.

Fuse Chicken Titan Lightning Cable ($35)

Promising to be the toughest cable on earth, the Fuse Chicken Titan Lightning Cable can withstand people, pets, cars, and mostly anything else imaginable.

It’s made from industrial grade high strength steel, so it’s weightier and slightly less flexible than other cables here, but it’s perfect if you put your charging cables through the metaphorical wringer often. If you’re worried about your cable surviving pet gnawing, being ground into the floor mats of your car under your work boots, or other sustained abuse, this is the kind of durable cable you should invest your money in.

Syde SMART Lightning Cable ($15)

If you’re on a budget but still require a toughened Lightning cable, the Syde SMART Lightning Cable is the ideal option. With a double-braided nylon exterior, a Kevlar-built core, and high quality copper wiring, it doesn’t miss an opportunity to be tough. It’s tested for up to 15,000 bends at up to 180 degrees with enough strength to support 130lbs too.

Its connectors are also pretty tough, thanks to a durable polymer and sealed design. The cable is a reasonable 5 feet in length and available in a few different colors too.

Nonda ZUS Super Duty Lightning Cable ($16)

Doing things a little differently, the Nonda ZUS Super Duty Lightning Cable has a right angled head which could prove very useful depending on how your setup is laid out. It’s ideal if you need to slot it into a narrow space or awkwardly located laptop port.

Elsewhere, it offers a braided cable that promises to bend a rather specific 15,188 times without any issues. (Why claim such a specific number? Anything to stand out from the crowd, eh?) Such braiding also means it’s tangle free with a velcro tie making that even easier to achieve. There’s a lifetime warranty too. Don’t expect any color options but you can always opt for a straight head if you’d prefer a more traditional layout.

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