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Verizon Re-Shuffles its Prepaid Plans With Discounts for Sticking Around

Verizon prepaid plans image

One of the few nice things about using a prepaid mobile plan is that you can ditch it if your circumstances change, or if you just want to try out another provider. Verizon is giving its prepaid members a reason to stick around: money.

The new individual prepaid plans come in three flavors: $40 a month for 5GB, $50 a month for 15GB, and $65 a month for “unlimited” (with the usual proviso that Verizon will throttle the hell out of your speeds if you use too much, and video streaming is reduced to “DVD quality”). Customers can add 10GB of Wi-Fi hotspot data to the unlimited plan for five bucks.

Verizon's prepaid plan breakdown

If you stay on any of the prepaid plans for three months, Verizon will give you a $5 discount for each month after that. Stick around for nine months and it goes up to $10. If you combine that with a $5 rebate for auto-pay, it’s a $15 discount on all prepaid plans in less than a year. Not bad.

Verizon’s prepaid offerings are still very expensive next to competitors like Cricket or Google Fi…but then, the network’s superior rural coverage is usually worth it. The new plans and their rolling discounts are available starting today.

Source: Verizon

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