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Corsair Drops the Pretense: the iCUE LT100 is a Giant Rainbow LED Lamp

Corsair iCUE lighting towers

For the last decade we’ve seen PC gaming hardware stick LEDs into every conceivable gadget. Computers, mice, keyboards. Monitors, speakers, chairs, headsets. Mouse pads. Freaking coasters. At long last, Corsair has given up the idea that RGB lighting has anything to do with the hardware itself, and is now just straight-up selling giant rainbow lamps.

The iCUE LT100 is labelled a “Smart Lighting Tower.” It’s basically a USB-powered LED light strip in a fancy vertical case, plus a supplementary light around the base. The idea is that you spread these around your gaming desk, sort of like speakers: Corsair’s PR pitched them as “a symphony of color.” Philips sells a similar product, the Hue Play Light Bar.

Corsair lighting tower diagram

The $130 base kit includes two lamps with 46 LEDs each, one plugged into the wall and your computer, the other daisy-chained with just a USB cable. You can add up to two more lamps in the same way for a total of four towers and just so, so much rainbow goodness all over the room. They can be faced towards the user or reversed to illuminate the wall, and the starter pack includes an optional headphone holder.

Of course, the towers integrate with Corsair’s iCUE software on the desktop, managing colors and animations and integrating with all your other RGB gear. The lights can play pre-baked or customized animation, or react dynamically to the content of games, music, and movies.

Source: Corsair

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