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8Bitdo’s Newest Controller Is Finally Big Enough For Your Hands

If we had one problem with 8Bitdo’s N30 Pro controller, it’s that it was just a little too small for our hands. The company’s newest full-size controller fixes that and looks good doing it.

We’re big fans of 8Bitdo’s controller accessories around here. The N30 Pro controller splashes a nostalgic color scheme on an effective, if small third-party controller. It’s easily one of the best alternatives to the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, but you can use it on a variety of platforms. It would be perfect if it weren’t just so darn tiny.

The new SN30 Pro+ looks to change that. This is a full-size controller with handles that make for a more comfortable grip. The controller is also a little bigger overall, making room for larger thumbs. As seen above, the controller comes in three distinct styles, based on the Gameboy, Super Nintendo, and Super Famicom. They’ll run on AA batteries, which is a bit of a bummer, but the company says that rechargeable battery packs will follow shortly after.

We don’t know when these controllers will arrive or how much they’ll cost, but they can’t come soon enough. 8Bitdo has proven that it can make high-quality accessories to rival the standard, and these look like a natural evolution along that line.

Source: 8Bitdo via IGN

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