Spotify Duo Is a New $13 Premium Plan for Couples

An illustration of the new Spotify Duo Mix playlist.

Spotify wants to help couples save a few bucks with Premium Duo, a $13 plan for two people to share. Premium Duo lets you keep separate accounts with personal playlists and listening history and comes with a regularly-updating Duo Mix playlist that incorporates you and your SO’s favorite music.

Single Premium memberships cost $10 a month, so you and your partner (or a friend, it doesn’t matter) could save $2.50 a month by switching to Duo. Don’t worry, you can keep your old account and listening history, the only thing that changes is your monthly bill. Oh, and you’ll start seeing the Duo Mix playlist, which should save you from fighting over music during long car rides.

Before you sign up for Duo, I suggest looking at the Spotify Premium Family plan, which costs just $15 a month and covers up to six users. Like Duo, the Family plan comes with a group playlist that includes everyone’s music taste, and you don’t have to give up your existing Spotify account to move over to the Family plan.

Spotify also offers a $5 Premium Student package that includes Hulu and Showtime. It’s a killer deal, but you have to use your student email address to prove eligibility. Plus, in the long run, it’s cheaper to arrange a 6-person Family plan for $2.50 each.

Source: Spotify via The Verge

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