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Protect Yourself (and Others) with a Geeky Fandom Face Mask

Best Geeky Face Masks for COVID-19 Coronovirus cotton face masks
Danilova Janna/Shutterstock.com

If you’re looking to upgrade your face mask choices, these geeky options make wearing a mask a little more fun. We gathered a few picks from popular fandoms so you can represent your favorites whenever you go out.

Wearing a face mask is a good (and easy) way to help slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep you and your family safe while going out. Most of these face masks are made of a breathable material, like cotton, and have elastics that wrap around your ears, although some options have more comfortable fabric ties with which you can control the tightness. Also, don’t forget to wash your mask after each use to keep it sanitary.

Star Wars

Best Star Wars face masks darth vader darth maul stormtroopers skywalker luke rey kylo ren

Whether you’d fight with the Rebels or stand with the Empire, there are plenty of face mask choices for Star Wars fans of all varieties. Choose from iconic villains Darth Vader or Darth Maul, to stormtroopers, or perhaps even a floral May The Force Be With You statement mask—or prove you’re the biggest Star Wars fan by collecting all of them.

Star Trek

Best Star Trek face mask original series the next generation captain kirk spock picard red shirt
Official Star Trek Shop/CBS

These face masks can help you live long and prosper! The official Star Trek Shop has plenty of Federation-approved designs for original series and Next Generation fans to bond over, and there’s even a Borg-friendly option for anyone quarantining in The Cube. It’s only logical.


Best Marvel face masks iron man captain america bucky hulk spiderman thor avengers wolverine black panther deadpool carnage venom hawkeye antman valkyrie

Avengers assemble! Whether your favorite is Iron Man, Black Panther, or your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, there are tons of face masks for Marvel fans. There are even comic-book-style designs, and masks with other MCU characters to choose from, like Carnage and Deadpool. Excelsior!


Best DC face mask batman superman flash wonder woman cyborg aquaman joker harley quinn
The Arkham Sessions/Teepublic

Unless you’re the Man of Steel, you should probably grab a face mask before heading outside. If you’re a fan of DC comic books, there are plenty of super choices for fans of Superman, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and other DC characters.


Best zombie face mask the walking dead the last of us walkers biters
LookHuman/Print Syndicate Inc.

Okay, so zombies aren’t exactly a beacon of hope, but they’re cooler than werewolves, right? Whether you like cartoony zombies, something kinda cute, or something more intense, these zombie face masks are no-brainers.

Lord of the Rings

Best lord of the rings face mask hobbit bilbo gandalf sauron gollum

If you’re heading out for an adventure, be sure to take one of these precious masks with you. Check out cool options like the text upon the One Ring or a map of Middle-Earth or a depiction of the Doors of Durin. One mask to rule them all!

Alien vs. Predator

Best facehugger face mask alien predator
Murder Apparel/Etsy

As if these characters weren’t terrifying enough. Sure, the Xenomorphs are cool looking and few terrors are greater than their parasitic face-hugging offspring, but they weren’t half as badass as the Predators. No matter whose side you took in this epic battle, these masks have you covered.


Best pokemon face masks pikachu bulbasaur eevee charmander squirtle ditto team rocket legendary pokemon starter pokemon grass type fire type water type

Pikachu, I choose you! Stay safe with these super effective Pokemon face masks. Choose your starter mask from options like Squirtle, Bulbasaur, or Charmander, go with a legendary Pokemon, root for Team Rocket, or vibe with a Ditto.

Harry Potter

Best harry potter face mask hermione ron snape sirius dumbledore wizard gryffindor hufflepuff ravenclaw slytherin

Free Dobby by giving him one of these wonderful wizarding masks. There are masks for each of the Hogwarts houses—Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin—as well as one for the Deathly Hallows and one with spells written on it. Mischief managed!

Doctor Who

Best doctor who face mask tardis dalek cyberman weeping angels river song british david tennant matt smith jodie whittaker

While we can’t all hop in the Tardis and have the Doctor whisk us away to a distant place and time where we don’t need face masks, we can be thankful we’re not living in a timeline with Daleks or Weeping Angels, or Cybermen. Let one of these wibbly wobbly masks be your companion when you step outside.

Dungeons & Dragons

Best dungeons and dragons face mask critical role 5e dice miniatures dungeon master 3.5e for barbarian bard cleric druid fighter monk paladin ranger rogue sorcerer warlock wizard

Boost your armor proficiency with DM-approved picks like the classic Dungeons & Dragons logo to rainbow dice or get a little something special for the World’s Okayest DM. There are even picks for fans of Critical Role, players who don’t always excel at checking for traps, and a mask that lists its own stats.

General Geek

Best comic book face mask math science computers tech games larp aliens sci-fi nerdy big bang theory

If we didn’t list a mask for your favorite fandom, or if you want something that’s geeky but only at a general level, we’ve got your back with these picks. There are geeky masks for bookworms, scientists, mathematicians, computer nerds, Google Chrome nerds, or one covering a few basic nerd interests in one go.

General Disney

Best Disney face mask frozen toy story disneyland disney world disney+ mickey princess and the frog hamilton mulan black widow the mandalorian

Channel your favorite Disney characters or rock a simple Disney-loving vibe with the face masks available in Disney’s online store. Choose from classic characters like Mickey and Minnie, Disney princesses, and beloved Pixar picks. Of course, Disney has a few Star Wars and Marvel picks, as well. They carry small, medium, and large mask sizes and they have a handy mask measuring guide on their site you can look at if you’re unsure which size to get.

General Horror

Best horror face masks scary jason freddy hannibal dark slasher slenderman goth gothic halloween

Get your scare on (literally) with these frightening masks. Check out these picks for Jason, Freddy, and Hannibal, or go with a mask that has a bunch of iconic horror characters on it. Likewise, if your tastes lean a little more to the macabre than the brutal, these gothic face masks are plenty spooky.

General Gamer

Best gamer face mask video games board games arcade games fortnite valorant rainbow six animal crossing destiny 2 halo minecraft dead by daylight league of legends gta v super mario maker smash world of warcraft cyberpunk red dead zelda sims ninja portal cuphead witcher rocket league gmod persona skyrim
Paisley Hansen/Redbubble

Whether you’re more into video games or board games (or both!), there are masks for all kinds of gamers. Show germs that it’s Game Over, chase ghosts and fruit with Pac-Man, let others know you’re AFK, or display your favorite video game controllers. Likewise, you can rock these adorable Meeple if you’re more about board games.

General Anime

Best anime face mask manga japanese comics naruto goku dragonball ghibli hunter x hunter my hero academia kakegurui, avatar attack on titan rwby one punch man kill la kill death note sword art online shingeki no kyojin fullmetal alchemist tokyo ghoul angel beats code geass boku no hero zero bleach fairy tail
Simon Munoz/Redbubble

Anime fans unite! Whether you stan legendary animes like Hunter x Hunter, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Sailor Moon or you favor shows and characters that are a little more lighthearted, such as Goku, RWBY, or Totoro, you can rep your favorite anime in style. Kawaii!

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