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Retro Games Resurrects the Classic VIC-20 Computer After 40 Years

The modern version of the VIC-20 computer, with joystick
Retro Games

Retro Games, which recently revived the classic Commodore 64 in the style of special “mini” game consoles from decades past, has set its sights on its next project. This time it’s the VIC-20, the first personal computer ever to sell a million units. The full-sized recreation comes complete with a full keyboard and joystick.

Though it’s using modern low-power silicon, the recreated VIC-20 will be able to run Basic programs designed for the original, or even new programs you code yourself. A selection of classic games like Arcadia, Laser Zone, and Boulder Dash will be preloaded, and the HDMI port can output at either 50 or 60 Hz, with an optional CRT filter.

The new VIC-20 will go on sale on October 23rd for £109.99 or €119.99 in the United Kingdom and mainland Europe. At the time of writing, no wider release has been announced, but it should be easy enough to export online. It’s up for preorder now.

Source: Amazon via PocketLint

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