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Disney’s Face-Swapping Technology Is the Most Convincing Yet

An example of Disney's deepfake technology.
Disney Research Studios

Deepfakes are could lead to the downfall of civilization, but they could also help movie studios save millions on blockbuster films. That’s why Disney is going against the grain and dumping its money into face-swapping technology that looks convincing even at high resolutions.

Disney famously used face-swapping technology to digitally insert Peter Cushing and Carrie Fischer into new Star Wars movies. But those million-dollar effects to hours to plot and already look outdated when compared to the cheap deepfakes of some hobbyists. It’s only natural for Disney to invest in the technology, as it could open the door to new stories with old or dead actors.

In a new paper, Disney Research Studios described how its face-swapping tech works. Unlike typical deepfake software that relies on low-resolution images and static landmarks, Disney’s tech uses 1024 x 1024 models with advanced lighting and stabilization technology to create convincing large images and videos.

It’s safe to assume that deepfake technology will change movies and entertainment forever. The applications are endless—deepfake tech can bring people back from the dead, mix two faces together, or improve the faces of characters in CG films.

Source: Disney Research Studios via Engadget

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