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Spotify Wants to Curate Your Perfect Workout Playlist

The final custom playlist screen once you've answered all the questions

Having the right playlist can be crucial to making the most of your workout. Whether you need music to keep you motivated or podcasts to keep you distracted, your playlist is a clutch tool. Today, Spotify is introducing a new feature called Soundtrack Your Workout that aims to make the perfect workout playlist, regardless of your taste.

The premise is pretty simple: tell Spotify how long you plan to work out (up to two hours), answer a few questions to refine your picks, and get your customized playlist. You can choose music-only, podcasts-only (with a toggle for explicit content on both), or a mixture of both for a truly eclectic experience that’s sure to send your mind into overdrive when your heart rate is already redlined. Good times.

During the interactive playlist creation process, you’ll define the type of workout you’re doing—there are eight to choose from, including lifting, yoga, running, cycling, dance, walking, pilates, and generic cardio—and let it know if you’re working out with someone else (including your pet). You then select the “vibe” of the playlist, which can be anything from chill to pumped up to motivating. Finally, let it know what genre(s) you’re into. You can go with up to two picks here, so mix it up.

The final confirmation screen with all of the options you chose during the "quiz"
The confirmation screen.

When you confirm your choices, you also have the option to give your playlist a name and even custom artwork. It’s the little things, ya know? With everything confirmed, your custom playlist is ready to go. My custom one-hour playlist seemed okay enough, though while I selected both “metal” and “hip-hop,” it was very heavy on the hip-hop. I’m fine with that, but I would’ve liked a better mix of the two. Your mileage may vary, of course.

Overall, this is a cool feature, and just one more way Spotify continues to offer unique and innovative features for its users. Taking the guesswork out of making a great workout playlist is more beneficial than you realize because it removes one step that sits between you and actually getting your workout in. I’m down with that.

via The Verge

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