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The 10 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

Need a gift for a wine aficionado? Whether your friend is an amateur sommelier or a boxed wine connoisseur, we’ve pored over the best gifts for wine lovers of all types.

Riesling? Merlot? Pinot Noir? It doesn’t matter what they like—we’ve rounded up the best gadgets, accessories, and decorations to enhance their wine drinking experience.

Wine Travel Bag: Kovot ($25)

Want to give your wine lover the gift of sharing? With the Kovot Wine Travel Bag, they can not only take 2 bottles of wine to parties, picnics, or the beach, but they can share with a plus one—the kit comes with 2 acrylic wine glasses, 2 wine glass stakes (to put in the ground to stop the glasses from tipping), and 2 cloth napkins. There’s also a corkscrew and bottle stopper all inside the insulated carrying bag. If you want more portability (and the ability to hold 2 more bottles of wine), check out this Kato Insulated Wine Carrying Bag

Wall Mounted Metal Rack: Soduku ($40)

The Soduku Wall Mounted Metal Wine Rack is a multifunctional gift that holds glasses and wine bottles, is great for decoration, and you can use the little drawer to hold accessories (like your cork screw) or fill it with corks . The rack can store from 1 to 5 bottles, but upright storage isn’t ideal for long-term storage of bottles with natural corks so either drink the wine fast or use this more for decoration—maybe even even pair your empty bottles with the neat bottle lights coming up next on our list. Aside from holding wine bottles, accessories, and corks, the rack features a simple wine-glass holder on the bottom to store your glasses.  

Wine Bottle Lights: LoveNite ($12)

Most of the gifts here, even the decorative shelf above, are also highly functional. The LoveNite Wine Bottle Lights are purely decorative but a great gift for the wine lovers who keep their bottles for decoration. Rather than toss a bottle in the recycling bin you can simply put these LoveNite strings of lights into the empty bottles and turn them on for a beautiful DIY project. There are 10 white LED bulbs on a 40 inch long copper wire. Each wire in the pack of 10 is connected to a cork that has an on and off switch, so you can decide when to light up your bottles.

Wine Decanter: Le Chateau ($40)

Does your wine lover throw dinner parties? Why not get them this Le Chateau Wine Decanter to elegantly decorate their dining room table, conveniently help guests pour themselves wine, and even enhance the taste and smell of whatever they’re serving? Pouring wine from its bottle to the decanter enhances taste by oxygenizing the wine and releasing the aroma and flavor. And even when Le Chateau isn’t in use, it will be a great decoration or centerpiece.

Wine Aerator: Andre Lorent Vinluxe PRO ($20)

If you want flavorful wine that’s been oxygenized, but you don’t want to pour the whole bottle into a wine decanter like the Le Chateau, check out this wine aerator that will oxygenize a single glass of wine by pouring from the bottle, through this aerator, and into your glass.

The Andre Lorent Vinluxe PRO Wine Aerator aerates faster than a decanter. Why aerate? The premise is that rapid exposure to the air as provided by the aerator helps improve the flavor of wines (especially young red wines with sharper flavor). With this aerator you can buy younger (and usually cheaper) wines and enjoy improved flavor.

Stainless Steel Outdoor Wine Glasses: Summit Legacy Products ($35)

It’s hard to find wine glasses that are durable and don’t make your hands slippery when you’re having some wine outside. The Summit Legacy Products Stainless Steel Outdoor Wine Glasses are vacuum insulated and stainless steel to help keep your wine at the proper temperature.

These wine glasses also prevent sweat on the sides and the textured exterior ensures they aren’t slippery like other wine glasses. Forget about breaking another wine glass—the Summit Legacy Products are durable, shatterproof, and chip-resistant, so you can use them outside without fear of knocking them over.

Electric Wine Opener: Secura ($20)

Never struggle with a typical corkscrew ever again—just place the Secura Electric Wine Opener on top of the wine bottle and hold the button down so the corkscrew automatically pulls the cork out of the bottle. With other corkscrews, you may damage the cork or lose pieces in the wine if you slip up or put the corkscrew in at an angle. When the Secura is held above the cork (natural or synthetic), it will effortlessly pull the cork clean from the bottle. The clear bottom makes it easy to line up and the included base both recharges it and keeps it handy and displayed neatly (along with the included foil cutter).

Wine Bottle Glass: Guzzle Buddy ($18)

For the perfect (and funniest) gift for wine lovers, get them the Guzzle Buddy Wine Bottle Glass. Eliminate a step in the wine-drinking process by screwing this wine glass into the top of the bottle and tilting the bottle to drink out of the glass. Who needs to decant, rest, and sip the wine when you can just pour it right through the stem of a perpetually refilling glass. Help your wino friends out by getting them the Guzzle Buddy to let them drink out of the bottle in style.

Wine Candle: Rewined ($28)

Want to give a gift to your wine lover that isn’t necessarily about drinking wine? Try the Rewined Candle! The glass is made from a cut wine bottle, and there are different wine-related scents to choose from. This particular candle has the scent of mint, fresh cut grass, herb, and grapefruit, which is supposed to resemble a white Sauvignon Blanc, but other scents are available, such as Chardonnay, Cabernet, Pinot Noir. The Rewined Wine Candle not only smells great, but it lasts a long time with an 80 hour burn time.

Wine Journal: Hobbymaster ($40)

For the avid wine enthusiasts, get them the Hobbymaster Wine JournalYour wine lover can write their impressions of wine tastings inside the pages, and save the label as well. Never forget a specific detail of the aroma, taste, or time, especially since there is plenty of room for comments and notes.

The journal is leatherbound, which not only means it’s sturdy enough to travel with, but it’s also beautiful enough to display in your home as a nice conversation piece. The Hobbymaster comes with 20 plastic protected pages with refills available, and 20 label lift removers so you won’t rip labels while removing them from the bottle. Lastly, if you don’t know where to begin with journaling wine, there’s a guide included to help you taste and rate your wines.

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