Spotify Debuts Podcast Charts to Help You Find New and Trending Shows

An illustration of the Spotify Trending Podcasts feature.

Podcasts on Spotify used to feel like an afterthought. They were disorganized, difficult to control, and limited in scope. But today, Spotify is just as good a podcasting tool as Apple Podcasts. It has exclusive shows, smart ads, and now, a selection of Top Podcast and Trending Podcast charts.

Spotify’s Trending Podcast chart includes 50 rising shows across all genres. It’s a straightforward springboard for new or “underground” shows to hit the mainstream. But Spotify’s Top Podcast charts are a little more convoluted. They’re divided by category and region, and they include up to 200 shows. The U.S. Top History chart is different from the Brazilian Top History chart, and so on.

Andrew Heinzman

Popular podcasters may find themselves in a pile of notifications when they log into their Spotify for Podcasters account. Spotify plans to notify its Top and Trending podcasters when they make the charts, and may send out virtual achievements or plaques to celebrate the momentous occasion.

To check out Spotify’s Top and Rising charts, open Podcasts from the Browse All section of your Spotify app. The title card for Podcast Charts will show up at the top of your screen.

Source: Spotify via The Verge

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