13 Fun Accessories for Your Stale, Boring Desk

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You probably already have a top-of-the-line mechanical keyboard, gaming mouse, and custom-built gaming PC, but is your desk actually cool? These fun though (mostly) useless accessories will help you have the most awesome desk in town.

None of these gadgets are essential to anyone’s desktop setup; rather, they are simply fun extras that can make your workspace feel more exciting, comfortable, or personalized. Most of them are ready to use right out of the box, but a few might require batteries or other accessories before you can start using them.

A Stand for Your Headphones

Corsair ST100 RGB Headphone Stand with USB Charging Ports

If you’re all about the RGB electronics aesthetic, the Corsair ST100 RGB Premium Headphones Stand ($69.99) is the perfect addition to your setup. It helps your desk look organized and clean when you’re not using the headphones, and it keeps them safe from accidental spills. The non-slip rubberized base offers stability, and you can control its lights across nine zones for nearly infinite color choices. In short: it’s beyond extra. It’s okay to want it.

A Cup Warmer for Your Morning Joe

USB-Charged Cup Warmer for coffee, tea, or cocoa

Sometimes you get sucked into emails, Twitter, and work projects first thing in the morning, and forget to drink your coffee or tea before it gets cold. It’s okay—it happens to the best of us. But with the Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer, you can Tweet all morning without fear that your beverage has become an unpleasant tepid mug of sadness. The heated plate keeps your coffee nice and warm until you (finally) remember to drink it.

A Cup Warmer for Your Morning Joe

Norpro Decorative Cup Warmer

Keep your morning beverages warm while you wade through work emails, chats, and projects.

Terrariums = Nature + Fabulous Style

Geometric glass and metal terrarium with succulents and rocks sitting on a desktop with other plants

A terrarium is a great way to keep things both stylish and zen on your desk. The Zoutog Glass Geometic Terrarium has a small footprint but brings a trendy look to your workspace. It has a single open pane, which makes it easy to place plants, rocks, candles, and other decor inside of it. The cute terrarium doesn’t come with any plants, however, so you’ll have to bring your own or have some delivered right to your door.

Mini Games to Keep Your Game Up

Mini Desktop Game of billiards complete with cue sticks, balls, chalk, and a triangle rack
Hey! Play!

Sure, your desk is where you get your work done, but can’t it also be where you play? Brush up on your billiards technique with the Hey! Play! Mini Tabletop Billiards Game. It’s made of high-quality wood and regulation green felt and comes with perfectly miniaturized cue sticks and balls. Heck, it even includes chalk, a brush, and a triangle rack.

Mini Games to Keep Your Game Up

Magnetize Your Cable Management

Magnetic Cable Management solution can stick to your desk, table, or cabinet with magnetic buttons for your cables

Okay, so cable management isn’t much fun as, well, mini games, but being able to find the cable you need when you need it can do a lot for your sanity. The Philonext Magnetic Clips peel and stick to any surface—like the side or bottom of your desk or filing cabinet—and the magnetic buttons attach to most charging cords, so they’ll always be right where you want them and you won’t have to waste time fishing for them behind your desk. Plus the stylish design won’t throw off your office aesthetic.

Magnetize Your Cable Management

Save Your Desk with Fun Coasters

Gold, white, and navy blue coasters with gold rim set on table with a cup
Kate Aspen

Look classy while saving your desk from water stains with this gorgeous Kate Aspen Under the Stars Glass Coaster Set. The luxe coasters come in a set of two and have rubber feet for sturdiness. The detailed ceramic navy blue and white constellation pattern has gold around the rim to and is a great way to show off your sophisticated nerdiness.

Save Your Desk with Fun Coasters

Kate Aspen Under the Stars Glass Coaster Set, Wedding/Party Decorations, Party Favor Gift, Navy/Gold/White

Protect your desk from water stains with these stylish and lightly geeky cold coasters.

A Desktop Vacuum to Catch Crumbs

Miniature handheld desktop vacuum for cleaning crumbs and dirt on your desk

If you’re guilty of frequently taking a working lunch (or breakfast, or snack time), let the Ogrmar Portable Cordless Mini Desktop Vacuum help your desktop stay tidy. In addition to being teeny and adorable, it easily picks up crumbs and dirt without making much noise. It’s small enough to stay on your desk in between uses, and it only takes two AA batteries.

A Desktop Vacuum to Catch Crumbs

Ogrmar Portable Cordless Mini Desktop Vacuum Desk Dust Cleaner/Dust Sweeper for Home Office Keyboard (Black)

Clean up your desk after a messy snack with this cute handheld cordless mini vacuum.

Jam Out with a Bluetooth Speaker

Anker SoundCore Flare Bluetooth speaker for listening to music while you work or anywhere in your house

Sometimes you want to listen to your favorite playlist while scrolling through Feedly or enjoying a YouTube video (or three) during a quick work break. The Anker SoundCore Flare is the perfect way to upgrade your audio from your laptop’s built-in speakers. The Bluetooth speaker has terrific sound and battery life, and its fun RGB light ring can pulse along with your playlist. It’s even waterproof, just in case your work meetings get moved poolside (we won’t tell).

Jam Out with a Bluetooth Speaker

Fidget (Cube) with This

Antsy Labs fidget cube has six activities total each side with its own for fidgety hands
Antsy Labs

Those who have restless hands or tend to do their best thinking when they’re fidgeting with something might benefit from a fidget toy. The Antsy Labs Zuru Fidget Cube ($12.99) offers six sides of fidgeting activities like rolling a ball bearing, clicking buttons, moving a joystick, and flipping a switch. It’s small enough to keep in your pocket or on your desk, heavy-duty enough to keep up with the most intense fidgeters, and it comes in eight fun colors.

Fidget (Cube) with This

Antsy Labs Aqua Fidget Cube

Fidget all your worries away and focus on the task in hand with this six-sided activity cube.

A USB Mini Fridge for Chilling

Koolatron desktop mini fridge for a single can of soda

If a fully-stocked mini-fridge for your office feels too ridiculous for you, what about an even smaller fridge that only has enough room for a single can of … whatever you want to put in it? If that’s more your tempo, check out the Koolatron Mini Retro Cooler. It has an official Coca Cola retro fridge design and plugs right into your computer so your next ice cold drink is at the ready.

A USB Mini Fridge for Chilling

Koolatron CCRF01 CCRF-01 USB-Powered 1 Can Mini Retro Cooler, Standard, Red

Keep your sodas ice cold, one can at a time with this retro Coca Cola-themed mini fridge.

Stay Lit with an LED Light Strip

Govee LED Strip Lights for your desk, monitor, TV, or anywhere else fun colors for your office

Nothing really makes a statement like colorful LED lights in sync across all of the RGB electronics in your office. These Govee DreamColor LED Strip Lights can be put anywhere: behind your TV or monitor, behind your desk or TV stand, underneath your shelves—virtually anywhere you can think of. You can change between seven colors via the included smart controller or the companion mobile apps for Android and iOS. The lights even have a built-in high sensitivity mic to match music and ambient noises—perfect for your next gaming sesh!

Kick Back with a (Foot) Hammock

Deskool foot hammock attaches to most desks to provide a comfortable lift for your feet

You’re a seriously hard worker who doesn’t mess around with toys or gimmicky gadgets that serve no purpose. That’s why you should kick back and relax your feet with the ergonomic Deskool Foot Hammock. It clamps onto most desk types and offers two positions for optimal chillaxing. The hammock folds up and stores easily, and even has a convenient built-in holder for your headphones.

A Tropical Getaway-Themed Pencil Holder

LEGO DOTS Pineapple Pencil Holder 351-piece LEGO set that looks like a cute pineapple

If your tastes are as distinguished as we think they are, you’ll probably appreciate this LEGO DOTS Pineapple Pencil Holder ($19.99). This 351-piece LEGO set makes it easy to keep your most important writing utensils safe and organized in a dreamy tropical style. Or better yet, empty it and close the lid so you can better appreciate the pineapple’s beautiful crown. The bright colors of this set will bring your desk setup to life and show your cats your coworkers how cool you are.

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