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‘No Man’s Sky’ Update Adds Horror Elements Right Out of ‘Aliens’

No Man's Sky Desolation image
Hello Games

Famously over-hyped and flawed at launch, open-world space simulation game No Man’s Sky has continued to evolve over the last four years, into an unlikely sleeper hit. The latest update to the game, Desolation, adds derelict freighter ships that players can explore…and fills them up with the kind of creeping horrors you’d expect from a game like Dead Space. 

No Man’s Sky already had organic aliens you could fight, but its bright pastel-colored worlds never evoked a sense of menace or dread. But the new infected freighters are dark and brooding, filled to the brim with dripping bug-like monsters and rogue robotic defenses. Players can board the freighters to defeat the monsters and scavenge high-level booty, either alone or with friends.

The Desolation patch is free to all players on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, and it’s available now. In less spine-tingling areas of the game, players will enjoy new lighting improvements and a few expanded missions.

Source: Hello Games via Engadget

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