Function’s Replacement Apple TV Remote Has Actual Buttons

A photo of the Function Button Remote for Apple TV.

Apple’s Siri Remote is a work of art, but its funky trackpad and minimalist design aren’t for everyone. If you’d prefer to use a traditional remote with your Apple TV, then the new $30 Function Button Remote is worth a look. It’s available now and ships before the end of July.

Function is the first company to sell a traditional 3rd party remote for the Apple TV. Unlike other replacement remotes, the Function Button Remote doesn’t have any wonky controls, and it doesn’t require any programming (I’m looking at you, universal remotes). You just take it out the box, synchronize it with your TV, and start streaming media.

The Function Button Remote has a simple layout, with pause/play, volume, fast-forward, mute, and navigation buttons. That said, it’s missing the Siri button, which eliminates your ability to use voice controls with the Apple TV.

Function’s Button Remote for Apple TV is available today, and shipping begins before the end of the month. But before buying it, I suggest looking at universal remotes. They’re a pain to program, but they can control your entire media center and slim down the number of remote controls on your coffee table.

Source: Function via The Verge

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