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The Best Premium Desk Lamps For Upgrading Your Office

So, you’ve looked over our list of budget desk lamps and thought “yeah, they’re great, but I want more!” We hear you. Come adorn your desk with our top premium picks.

All these lamps offer something a little more than just a nice lighting experience for your home or office. They all utilize LED bulbs, saving you money on operating costs, but there’s more to them than that. Some have smart features or phone charging features, while others simply look spectacularly eye-catching. Like our title suggests, there’s a premium price tag attached to a few of these but if you’re keen to have an office that looks a little different from the rest thanks to a really well made and functional lamp, these are the desk lamps for you.

Here’s a selection of our favorite premium desk lamps.

Best Over All: TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp ($55)

TaoTronics offered the best all-rounder budget desk lamp and they’ve done it again with the more premium offerings too. Their LED Desk Lamp has an impressive 5 different color modes, a USB charging port, 1 hour timer, and a night light feature.

Its LED panel reaches up to 1,000 lux while remaining comfortable on your eyes. A choice of different color temperatures means you can tweak things to how you want them to use, via a fine-tuning knob to switch between crisp blue task lighting and warm white for reading. Then there’s the integrated USB port which is perfect if you want to leave your phone on charge while reading or working. The nightlight feature is similarly handy if you’re trying to catch a nap after work.

Best for Premium Style: Koncept AR3000 ($297)

Keen to spend a ton of money on your home office, or simply want to make an impression on any clients that visit your desk? The Koncept AR3000 is the solution for you. It’s super minimalist looking but that’s all part of the charm. It has a 16.5″ lamp head that swings and rotates extensively so you can position the light in pretty much every way that you could possibly want.

Lighting wise, it utilizes a 4500K cool white LED lamp with a built-in touch strip dimmer that offers multiple dimming levels. Whether you’re trying to see some finer details while sewing or simply reading an important document under lamp light, this is a lamp that has you covered. Exactly what you would expect from a lamp that costs as much shopping cart full of budget lamps.

Best for “Smart” Features: BenQ e-Reading Desk Lamp ($189)

Smart desk lamps aren’t quite a thing yet (unless you add a smart light bulb to your conventional cheap desk lamp), but the BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp is the closest thing to an all-in-one solution. It has a built-in ambient sensor that automatically detects the light levels of the room and adjusts its brightness accordingly. It’s the kind of feature that you’ll be surprised what you did without, as it’s so much more useful than having to manually adjust and readjust as the lighting of the day changes naturally.

ZeroFlicker technology means there’s constant and even lighting throughout the day, and a rotating knob helps you change the lighting manually if you need to. A 35 inch light range is ideal for the majority of users, and its LED panels will give you 50,000 hours of lifespan. That’s about 17 years, providing you use it for about 8 hours a day. It’s a worthy investment.

Best for Style: Sunthin LED Desk Lamp ($90)

Want a lamp that looks nothing like anyone else’s? The SUNTHIN Cool White LED Desk Lamp is that lamp. It’s unusual looking and highly distinctive, thanks to being a form of modern art in its way. It also works great as a desk lamp.

The 4,000K cool white LED lamp gives off a clear and non-flickering light consistently, with touch sensitive controls and a built-in dimmer allowing you to tweak how bright you want the experience to be. A 12W LED bulb means you’ll save money on your electricity bills too with the lamp promising a lifespan of about 30,000 hours.

Also, how much of a talking point is it? It’s sure to intrigue your visitors.

Best Lamp-as-Charging-Station: TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with Fast Wireless Charger ($50)

TaoTronics again? Yup, they’re good at clever desk lamps. This LED Desk Lamp offers Qi Fast Wireless Charging built into it via a HyperAir wireless charging pad. It supports all Qi-enabled phones including Apple and Samsung devices.

Besides that, it’s much like the previous TaoTronics lamp. There are 5 color modes, and 7 brightness levels, along with an USB charging lamp. It also rotates up to 180 degrees and the arm can be tilted up to 150 degrees with a full 90 degree swivel. A time-saving memory function means you can quickly restore the lighting to how you liked it last time, without having to readjust.

Really though, it’s the built in Qi Charger that makes it a must buy for many. It’ll save you time, while also saving you the space of a separate wireless charger. It’s perfect for a home office setup.

Best for Computer Desks: BenQ ScreenBar ($99)

There’s a reason why we gave the BenQ ScreenBar 10/10 recently—it’s just that good. It casts light only in a band in front of the monitor, meaning no glare into your eyes or onto the screen. It rests on the top of your monitor like a webcam, and looks kind of like the lighting you see above paintings in galleries.

Besides being stylish, it also offers auto-dimming so that it automatically dispenses 500 lux on your desk, plus it’s temperature adjustable too. Think of it as like f.lux for your eyes. For anyone struggling to find a good lamp for their computer desk, the ScreenBar is a must have.

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