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Logitech Goes Co-Op With Herman Miller for Expensive Gaming Chairs and More

Herman Miller Embody chair and Moita desk
Herman Miller

Gamers as a sub-species of tech nerd love to spend money on extras for their hardware. (That’s not a judgement, by the way—I’m typing this on a $300 keyboard.) Logitech is teaming up with famed office furniture vendor Herman Miller to try and break into an ultra-premium gaming hardware space, starting with the latter’s famous office chairs.

The flagship product of this is the Embody gaming chair. The Embody appears to be merely a recolored version of Herman Miller’s existing chair of the same name, which is fine: that chair is an excellent design that’s won many fans. Its many-segmented spine can be adjusted to perfectly fit your particular frame, and it’s made out of some excellent materials.

Herman Miller and Logitech Embody chair, from the front and back
Herman Miller

The “gaming” Embody in its black frame with Logitech blue accents and “G” logo costs $1495, which is in line with the pricing of the standard Embody. If you’re scoffing at the price, at least they’re being consistent.

Herman Miller Embody chair and Moita desk in a home office
Herman Miller

The Moita desk and Ollin monitor arm, I’m less sold on. The desk is a powered standing model with the fairly standard 60×30 top and 200 pound capacity, but you’ll pay $1295 for it—that’s easily double the price of a similar desk with a laminate top from vendors like Vari or Fully. Likewise, the monitor arm appears to be a fairly standard gas spring model with integrated cable management. That’s pretty basic stuff, but the price is $295, easily three times as much as you’d pay for a similarly-equipped, single-screen arm on Amazon.

Herman Miller Ollin monitor arm
Herman Miller

The Logitech x HM stuff at least looks pretty swanky, murdered out in all black with a few blue highlights. If you’re building a new office and you want the most ostentatious gamer gear possible, at least it will look professional, which is more than you can say for much of the other furniture aimed at the “gamer” market. All three items are shipping today, on HermanMiller.com.

Source: Herman Miller via Engadget

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