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The New Lego Ideas Grand Piano Can Play Music Through Your Phone

A LEGO grand piano on a desk.

The other day, LEGO teased an upcoming Ideas Grand Piano project, but now it’s official. The LEGO Ideas Grand Piano will arrive on August 1st for $350, and it has a few tricks up its sleeves. You can pull out the keyboard to see the hammers work or pair it with your phone to play music.

Announced via Twitter today, LEGO plans to release the playable Grand Piano August 1st on its website and in LEGO stores. If you’ve been attention to the submission process, you’ll notice a few changes to the build.

The original concept piano had actual strings and wires to mimic piano strings. LEGO swapped that for brick pieces, which should be a lot easier to put together. The 25-key keyboard also requires a few more steps to remove than the original submission, which may add stability to the piano.

In his video submission, fan designer Donny Chen, composed an original piece of music for a soundtrack. The final design includes that piece in sheet music form, with Donny’s name attached. When you lift the lid, you’ll also see a vintage looking LEGO logo, a new addition for this build.

SOmeone holding a phone listing songs over the LEGO Grand Piano

The piano includes a motor so you can turn on a “player piano” mode, and let the keys play themselves. And you can pair it up with the LEGO Powered Up app to either play music or let the piano play ten pre-set songs. The LEGO Ideas Grand Piano is the first LEGO piano set with the ability to play music.

A top down view of the inside of the LEGO piano

Both the keyboard lid and the piano lid lifts to reveal the keys and the piano’s innards, and the seat has an adjustable height mechanism. Additionally, the piano’s pedals work, you can press on them to activate dampers.

You can get the $350 LEGO Ideas Grand Piano from the LEGO website or in LEGO stores, starting August 1st.

Source: LEGO

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