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Convert Amazon’s New Boxes into a Mighty Fort for Your Cat

Illustration of Amazon's eco-friendly boxes being turned into a cat fort

Amazon’s new boxes aren’t just more eco-friendly, they can be converted into a fun retreat for your cat. Now, instead of quietly glaring at you from the depths of a plain ol’ box, your cats can gaze upon you with love (and possibly still some condemnation) from a fancier creation.

In an effort to make their packaging more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint, Amazon has worked with their team of engineers to reduce the amount of material used in each box while ensuring they’re still sturdy enough to protect your goods during shipping. But they don’t want their box efficiency to stop there: they want to give you a few ways to reuse their boxes before you chuck them into your recycle bin. This process is known as upcycling, and other similar efforts have already been made by other companies like Samsung.

Who did Amazon figure is the best target for box upcycling? Your cat, of course, because as everyone knows, cats love boxes. Amazon has posted detailed instructions on their site for making your cat a box fort or a cat condo. If you have kids, there are also a few options they might enjoy as well like a box car, windmills for a DIY home mini golf course, or an adorable rocket ship (though your cats will also presumably enjoy these creations). You can even craft a boxy robot that you or your little ones can wear as a costume, or set up next to your cat’s box fort to glare back at your cat. Happy crafting!

Source: Amazon via Engadget

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