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Samsung Unpacked Will Show Off Five New Gadgets Next Week

Still from Samsung Unpacked teaser trailer

Time like an ever-rolling stream bears all its sons away. And around every second or third bank in the stream, it bears a Samsung press event. The latest one will be next Wednesday, August 5th, streaming only thanks to the COVID-19 crisis. And according to the preview trailer, it will be showing off at least five new devices.

If you’ve been paying attention to tech news, it isn’t hard to guess which devices will be in attendance: a refreshed Galaxy Note, Samsung’s stalwart fall product launch, a new Galaxy Fold model, and the much-leaked Galaxy Buds Plus (nee “Galaxy Beans“) are all but guaranteed. tech outlets are also predicting the Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Tab S7 tablet.


The Galaxy Note 20 will almost certainly be the best-seller out of this list, as the series remains a popular choice among Android users who want the absolute best hardware out there. It’ll be interesting to see if Samsung can bring the price of its folding phones down—the $2000 starting price of the Fold and $1400 for the smaller Galaxy Z Flip kept them strictly in the realm of novelties and status symbols.

We’ll be watching to see what Samsung has to show off, naturally, and all the announcements will be right here on Review Geek once the Unpacked event is through.

Source: Samsung YouTube 

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