GoPro Launches a Line of Weather-Resistant Bags, Bottles, and Camera Cases

Photos of the GoPro Daytripper backpack.

Now’s not a great time to sell action cameras. To make up for its slumping sales, GoPro just launched a line of durable outdoor accessories, including backpacks, bottles, camera bags, and hats. Like GoPro’s cameras, the company’s accessories are gray, lightweight, weather-resistant, and expensive.

But why would you buy a $100 GoPro-branded backpack? What’s the selling point? Aside from brand recognition and durability, GoPro’s bags have built-in fasteners for the GoPro Hero8 camera. Additionally, GoPro’s camera cases have compartments for your GoPro camera and accessories. These are small luxuries, but they’re worth paying for if you’re a big fan of GoPro action cameras.

If you’re inspired to buy a GoPro because of these backpacks, I suggest checking out the Hero8 Black Bundle, which comes with a gimbal, a head strap, a 32GB SD card, and a spare battery. At the current sale price of $350, it’s just $50 more expensive than a standalone Hero8 Black camera.

Source: GoPro via TechCrunch

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