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Google’s Color Puzzle Teases a Pixel 4a Announcement

A page filled with fake latin, and a checkerboard looking phone.

The “Made by Google” Facebook and Twitter pages both got a curious cover update today. But it’s part of a puzzle to tease to the Pixel 4a lunch. Head to Google’s Store page, and you’ll find a matching image, a checkboard phone, a lot of text, and colored boxes. Tap on the boxes to follow the Google Logo color patters reveals a date of August 3rd and some additional details.

It wasn’t hard to find the Google Store page, as the social media accounts linked directly to it. But it may take a second to realize what you have to do. Just tap or click on colors to get the right sequence, blue, red, yellow, blue, green, and red. That’ll unlock the Pixel 4a teaser.

A checkboard phone surrounded by fake latin.

We’ve been waiting for a successor to the Pixel 3a, much longer than anyone expected. It’s possible Googled intended to announce it at last May’s I/O event, but the company had to cancel due to the global pandemic.

Take a look at the fake Latin, and you’ll notice some unusual words not often found in Lorem Ipsum—like lowlightena capturum, bokehus, and longlastingis batterum. Which naturally suggest low-light capture abailities, a bokeh effect, and long-lasting battery.

We’ll keep an eye out for the full announcement on August 3rd, and keep you updated as Google reveals more details.

via 9to5Google

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