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‘Mulan’ Skips Theaters for Disney+ on Sept. 4th—But It Costs $30

A still from the 'Mulan' trailer.
The author preparing to argue with his coworkers about the $30 ‘Mulan’ tickets. Disney

Disney finished filming its live-action Mulan remake half a year ago but hasn’t had the chance to schedule a safe theatrical release. Now, Disney is giving up on the silver screen in favor of at-home streaming. Mulan comes to Disney+ on September 4th, but you have to pay an extra $30 to unlock it on your account.

Mulan follows at the heels of Trolls World Tour, which premiered on streaming services for $20. And judging by the insane success of Trolls, it’s safe to assume that Disney fans will shell out for Mulan despite its price tag. For some families, $30 is less than the average trip to the movie theater, and Disney will grant you permanent access to Mulan as long as you’re subscribed to the Disney+ service. (When’s the last time you got to keep a movie from the theater?)

When you’re true to your heart
I know it’s gonna lead you straight to me Disney+
Mulan Soundtrack

Still, some people aren’t willing to pay $30 for a movie. And while some people are happy to own a copy of Mulan for $30, Disney says that you lose access to the film if you cancel Disney+. We don’t know when Mulan will be available for free, so you may want to wait for a Blu Ray or digital-download release before buying it.

Disney’s approach to Mulan is a serious departure from last month’s release of Hamilton, which launched on Disney+ last month without an additional charge. According to Disney CEO Bob Chapek, the Mulan at-home release is a “one-off,” not a new business model. Mulan is a big-budget film, and Disney is desperate to recoup the cost with a risky at-home release.

You’ll have the chance to pay $30 for Mulan come September 4th. Disney plans to premier the film in the US, Canada, and New Zealand. Other territories, including China, may see a theatrical run for Mulan later this year.

Source: Disney via Ars Technica

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