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A Huge Intel Leak May Be a Big Headache for the Chipmaker and Its Customers

Intel chip on a circuit board

A massive data leak from Intel, the world’s leading provider of desktop and laptop CPUs and other internal hardware, is putting the world of information security on high alert today. The 20GB file, posted to a public server and apparently cobbled together from a variety of Intel internal sources, is chock-full of sensitive corporate data.

The leak contains internal information like future product roadmaps, software tools for Intel’s support staff, marketing materials, training documentation, and much more. There’s even a proprietary driver for a camera used by SpaceX. But crucially, it allegedly includes code that could be used as a backdoor into Intel processors and other internal hardware. The efficacy of any backdoors has not been independently verified.

Intel confirms that the leak contains information from the Intel Resource and Design Center, but hasn’t confirmed any hack, instead implying that someone with verified access has shared the data illegally. It’s also possible that a partner company with NDA access to the information is the source of a leak or a hack. The anonymous source says that more leaked information is coming.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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