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The Best Accessories for Your Galaxy Note 20 or Note 20 Ultra

A Galaxy Note20 Ultra in a dbrand skin.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra are the fanciest flagships of 2020. But if you want to make the most of your giant Samsung handset, you’re gonna need a stylish case, a screen protector, and accessories for productivity or gaming.

There are already a ton of Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra accessories available for purchases, including exclusive cases, and Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Buds Live headphones. Here’s a list of all the essentials.

Add Style and Protection to Your Note 20

Two of Samsung's badass Note20 cases.

Nobody likes a cracked phone, especially when it’s an expensive Galaxy Note. So, save yourself from heartbreak by investing in a case, a screen protector, and maybe even a camera lens protector.

Of all the phones released in 2020, the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra are among the most stylish. But its premium price tag and massive camera hump make cases a must. Don’t worry; these cases won’t ugly up your phone, we’re only looking at cases that can complement your Note 20’s style and provide the protection it needs.

  • Official Cases: Samsung sells 8 badass cases for the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. There’s the standard Silicone (Ultra), Fabric (Ultra), and Leather (Ultra) cases, along with some weird options, like the futuristic S-View Flip Cover (Ultra) case. Open Samsung’s Note 20 Accessories page and scroll down to see everything.
  • Anccerr Thin Case (Note 20/Ultra): Anccerr’s hard polycarbonate case is just .03 inches thick, adding scratch and drop resistance to your phone without bulking up your pocket. (With a phone this big, you might need a thin case.)
  • Encased Armor Grip Case (Note 20/Ultra): Grip cases add shock resistance to your phone, and they’re impervious to your slick greasy butterfingers. This grip case from Encased Armor guarantees that your phone stays safe without sacrificing style.
  • Spigen Liquid Crystal Clear Case (Note 20/Ultra): Don’t want to give up that natural look? Spigen’s Liquid Crystal case is thin and transparent, so you can enjoy the look of your Note 20 while keeping it safe.
  • UAG Monarch Rugged Case (Note 20/Ultra): Gone are the days of ugly rugged cases. The UAG Monarch case looks badass and adds five layers of protection to your Note 20.
  • dbrand Custom Skins and Cases: Not a fan of basic phone cases? Then design a custom dbrand skin for your Note 20 or Note 20 Ultra. dbrand also sells customizable grip cases (Note 20/Note 20 Ultra) if you’d prefer a bit of extra protection.

Now that you’re equipped with a stylish case, let’s look at screen protectors and lens protectors. I wouldn’t say that lens protectors are necessary, but they’re worth the money if your phone case isn’t thick enough to protect the Note 20’s camera bump.

  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector: A hard tempered glass screen protector defends your phone from hard falls and deep scratches. Still, they’re a bit bulky. If you need superior protection, grab a tempered glass screen protector for your Note 20 (3 Pack) or Note 20 Ultra (2 Pack).
  • Plastic Screen Protector: Plastic screen protectors are thin and affordable, although they don’t provide the protection of tempered glass, and they’re difficult to install on your phone. If you want to keep your phone slim while defending its screen from scratches, grab a plastic screen protector for your Note 20 (3 Pack) or Note 20 Ultra (2 Pack).
  • Lens Protectors: It’s hard to overstate the size of the Note 20’s camera hump. If you’re using a super-thin case, I suggest buying a lens protector for your Note 20 (3 Pack) or Note 20 Ultra (3 Pack).

Once you’re finished padding your precious Note 20, it’s time to look at accessories that improve your experience with the Note 20 or expand on its capabilities. Let’s start with charging accessories.

Charge Your Phone at Full Speed

A photo of Samsung's official wireless charging stand.

The Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra have a maximum charging speed of 25 watts. And to our surprise, Samsung includes a 25-watt charging brick in the box! Still, you might want to replace the older charging accessories around your home, especially if you want to take advantage of the Note 20’s stellar 15-watt wireless charging speeds.

Here are some essential charging accessories for the Note 20:

  • Official Samsung Wireless Charger: Samsung phones use a proprietary charging technology to reach their 15-watt wireless speeds. In other words, the only way to reach that top wireless charging speed is to buy Samsung’s official wireless charger.
  • A More Affordable Wireless Charger: If you’re comfortable with 10-watt wireless charging, you could buy the cheaper LETSCOM charging pad. The LETSCOM Amazon listing says 15 watts, but it maxes out at 10 watts on Samsung phones.
  • USB-C PD Cable: A high-quality USB-C PD cable ensures that you’re always charging your Note 20, laptop, or tablet at its top speed. Anker’s Powerline III cables are durable and will serve you for years.
  • A 25-Watt Adapter: Samsung sells its 25-watt USB-C adapter on Amazon. If you want to save a bit of money, I suggest buying Aukey’s 18-watt adapter instead (18 watts is still fast as hell).
  • RAVPower 30-watt Power Bank: A lightweight powerful portable battery that charges your phone at its maximum speed of 25 watts. With its 26,800 mAh capacity, this battery should fill your phone more than five times on a single charge.

Alright, you’ve got your phone case and your chargers, now it’s time for a little fun. Let’s look at some cool gaming accessories.

Get Your Game On

A photo of the PowerA Moga XP5 X gamepad.

One of the highlights of Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event was its focus on gaming. The Note 20’s large display, beefy processor, and 5G capabilities make it a perfect candidate for competitive Android games like Fortnight, or AAA game streaming services like Xbox Game Streaming or Stadia.

Here are some essential accessories, including gamepads, to help you get your game on:

  • PowerA MOGA XP5-Plus: An Xbox-styled Bluetooth controller with an detachable phone grip. The MOGA XP5-Plus is designed for cross-platform support with Xbox’s services, so you can quickly jump between console gaming, PC gaming, and mobile gaming.
  • Razer Kishi Controller: A gamepad that attaches to the sides of your phone like Nintendo Switch controllers. For gamers on the go, the Kishi controllers are a better option than bulky wireless gamepads.
  • A Phone Stand for Desks: A cheap phone stand makes gaming at a desk or table much more comfortable.
  • Galaxy Buds Live: Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds Live earbuds feature super low-latency audio technology, making them the perfect wireless earbuds for fast-paced mobile games. If you’d prefer to use wired headphones with the Note 20 (and eliminate all audio lag), you’ll need to buy a cheap USB-C to 3.5mm dongle.

Turn Your Phone into a Desktop

A photo of Samsung DeX in action.

Newer Samsung devices come with DeX, software that turns your phone into a Windows-like desktop computer. And while the DeX interface is still quite simple, it allows you to work and play without lugging around a bulky laptop or desktop. You just plug your phone into a monitor and get to work.

Here are some of the tools you’ll need to get started with DeX:

  • NexDock Touch “Laptop” for DeX: A mobile docking station with a touchscreen display, a keyboard, and a trackpad. The NeXDock Touch basically turns your Note 20 into a laptop with 5G connectivity.
  • HooToo USB-C Hub: A dongle that adds an HDMI port, three USB ports, an SD card reader, and pass-through charging to your Note 20. With it, you can connect your Note 20 to an external monitor and gain access to all the ports of a typical computer.
  • A Portable Monitor: The 15.6-inch ASUS portable monitor connects to your phone by USB-C cable and has a high-quality 1080p display. You can also use it as a second monitor for laptops or a portable monitor for game consoles.
  • A Portable Logitech Keyboard: A thin Bluetooth keyboard like the Logitech Keys-to-Go is essential for anyone who wants to use a portable monitor.
  • Microsoft Mobile Mouse: The awesome Microsoft Mobile Mouse is thin, stylish, and ergonomic. It’s perfect for slipping in a bag alongside a portable monitor and a Bluetooth keyboard.

If you only use a computer to browse the internet, then Samsung DeX could totally replace your laptop or desktop. But for most people, DeX is just a handy tool that helps you travel light or tackle your work when there aren’t any computers handy. To get a taste of what DeX can do, plug your Samsung phone into a monitor or TV. You might need a USB-C dongle if your monitor only has HDMI video inputs.

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