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Android’s Wind Down Becomes “Bedtime Mode” and Adds New Tools

Illustration of Android's Bedtime Mode

Do you use Wind Down, the part of Android’s Digital Wellbeing app that helps you get to sleep and stat there? Not anymore, you don’t. As of today that function is called “Bedtime Mode,” in a more on-the-nose bit of branding. The change comes with a collection of tweaks to how it works and when it operates.

Bedtime Mode can activate on a set schedule, or when you plug your phone in for the night. Alternately it can be started (or paused) from the Quick Settings panel. Once activated, the phone will turn off sound and notifications and de-saturate the screen to encourage you to go to freakin’ bed already.

Other tools include a revamped “Bedtime” tab in Android’s default Clock app, which includes a brief look at your agenda and the option to play some calming sounds as you go to sleep. There’s a “sunrise alarm,” which is just a big, gradually-brightening screen (instead of, say, an alarm that the sun is now rising).

If you use Family Link, you can lock a kid’s Android phone when bedtime rolls around. And if you merely can’t stop acting like a child, the YouTube app for Android now includes an option for its own bedtime reminder, telling you to stop watching Pitch Meeting reruns and get some sleep already.

The new Bedtime Mode settings are available starting today on Pixel phones, and they’re coming to every recent Android device “later this summer.”

Source: Google

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