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You Can Stay the Night at the Last Blockbuster on Earth, If You Live Nearby

The outside of a Blockbuster store.

Did you know there’s still one Blockbuster open and renting movies? Located in Bend, Oregon, it became the last store standing when the only other Blockbuster in Australia shut down last year. As a thank you for its customer support, the store is putting itself up on Airbnb. You can stay the night and watch some movies if you live in Deschutes County.

A living room setup inside a Blockbuster store.

At $4 a night, you’ll spend less than a movie rental to stay in the Blockbuster. The sleeping area even sports an appropriate ’90s theme, including a giant beanbag, sheets with Saved by the Bell patterns, and rugs that make the eyes cry.

Blockbuster’s manager, Sandi Harding, says the entire affair is an act of appreciation for its local customers.

Our Blockbuster store is open because of the incredible local community in Bend, and we’ve been grateful to have the support of those beyond our town as the coronavirus pandemic has impacted our business. To celebrate and pay it forward in this tradition of support, Airbnb will make a donation to the Humane Society of Central Oregon, a longtime partner of ours.

Naturally, with the ongoing pandemic, you’ll have to follow some ground rules. In addition to living in Deschutes County, you’re encouraged to rent with household groups and not distant friends. Up to four people can stay, and Blockbuster will provide hand sanitizer and masks.

But once you’re in, the store is all yous until checkout. You can have popcorn, open a 2-liter of Pepsi, and watch any movie in the store. The couch is a pull-out bed when you’re finally ready for some sleep.

Reservations open up Monday, August 17th, at 1 PM PT, and the available dates are September 18th, 19th, and 20th. The Blockbuster store will keep the living room setup around for a short while after the Airbnb event is over, so you can check it out even if you don’t live in Oregon.

Source: Airbnb via Engadget

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