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Chromebook Owners, Grab a Free Copy of ‘Dead Cells’ on the Play Store

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Have you played Dead Cells? It’s pretty great, at least if you like a tough-as-nails platformer that mixes elements of Castlevania and Dark Souls. Praised on its PC and console release in 2018, the game came out for Android (and by extension, ChromeOS devices that can run Android apps) earlier this year. If you have a recent Chromebook, it’s now free.

This part of Google’s “ChromeOS Perks” system: buy a Chromebook, get some free stuff, like a few months of Disney+ or a year of Google’s One cloud storage upgrade. Recently Google has been extending this to popular Android games, like “I can’t believe it’s not Harvest MoonStardew Valley. If you head to the Perks page on a Chromebook, then claim and install Dead Cells, the $9 game is yours to keep forever.

Note that this promotion is only valid in the United States, but it runs for an entire year. If you’re on a Chromebook with Android app capability, and you don’t see it in the Chrome Perks page right away, try again in a few days—sometimes it’s a bit finicky.

Oh, and if you intend to play Dead Cells…get a controller. Chrome OS supports Bluetooth controllers just fine, and you’ll absolutely need one to play through the combat-heavy, platform-focused game. It’s possible to play Dead Cells on a keyboard, in the same sense that it’s possible to use a bicycle to deliver a mattress.

Source: Chromebook Perks via Android Police

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