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‘Rocket League’ Cross-Platform Play Will Make Most Items Available Everywhere

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So, mega-publisher Epic bought Psyonix, the developer of popular car-soccer game Rocket League, and soon it’ll be free-to-play and you’ll be able to use a single Epic account when playing on any platform (PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch). But what happens to all the car customization you’ve earned in the five years you’ve been playing? Good news, you can keep them…sort of.

The developers have outlined the process as part of the update to a full free-to-play, cross-platform game. The long story short is, if you’ve bought Rocket League on multiple platforms, you need to set one as your primary. The items and level progress that you’ve made on that one will be your Primary Platform. You can connect other platforms to the Epic Account, and any extra items unlocked will be added, with the highest total rank being your final one.

Except for the exclusives: notably, platform exclusives like Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal (PS4) and the Mario and Luigi cars (Switch) will still be available to players, but only when they’re playing on those systems. Licensed DLC, like the Batmobile or Back to the Future Delorean, will also stay on the platforms they were purchased.

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Trading items is kind of a pain, too. If you buy an item on a specific platform, like blueprints, you can only trade it with other players on the same platform. Items gained randomly or through the Rocket Pass system can be traded across platforms.

The free-to-play update is scheduled vaguely for “this summer,” which would mean sometime in the next six weeks. Psyonix hasn’t set a precise date for it yet.

Source: Rocket League via Engadget

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