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The Legends Ultimate Is an All-in-One 300 Game Arcade Machine for $600

A Legends Ultimate arcade machine in a living room.

Arcade1Up has long ruled the at-home arcade scene, but now a new contender, AtGames, wants in on the action. But rather than creating a replica of your favorite arcade, the Legends Ultimate is an all-in-one unit, with 300 games, internet connectivity, and the hardware to control nearly every type of video game.

Arcade1Up machines are beautiful lovingly crafted replicas of your favorite arcade machines, like Burger TimeTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and NBA Jam. If they have a downside, it’s how few games you get to play on each machine. Typically you get three to four games for each $400 or $500 arcade you buy.

A closeup of the Legends Ultimate control deck, showing two joystick, six controlls buttons per stick, twp spinners, trackballs, and various other buttons.
This machine has (nearly) all the control options. ATGames

But what if you wanted more? Would you be willing to accept a more generic machine? That’s the promise of Legends Ultimate. What it lacks in beauty, it makes up for in quantity. Out of the box, you get 300 to play. And while that includes some titles you may not have heard of, there’s plenty to like. You get classics console games like Alladin and Lion King of Super Nintendo fame to well-known arcade games like Fix-It FelixTron, and Burger Time.

And unlike most other at-home arcade machines, you can add more games to the Legends Ultimate machine. Either through the AtGames streaming service ($20 a month), by adding your own ROMs, or streaming it from a service like Steam or Origins. Speaking of streaming, you can connect the machine to Twitch and YouTube to livestream your gaming.

The machine features two joys sticks and buttons, two spinners, and a trackball for controls, which should cover most gaming scenarios. AtGames also plans to sell additional optional accessories, light Light Guns, and Pinball button controls. Games should look and sound great on its 24-inch LCD monitor, and two down-firing stereo speakers. The machine stands at just over five feet tall, so you shouldn’t need a riser to play comfortably.

You can preorder the Legends Ultimate arcade machine right now at the AtGames site, or pick it up at Sam’s Club, GameStop, or Walmart when it releases August 31st. 

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