Huawei Phones Running Google Services to Stop Receiving Android Updates

Huawei's P30 Pro, a 2019 flagship losing Android updates.
Huawei’s P30 Pro, a 2019 flagship losing Android updates.

Hopefully you didn’t buy your P30 Pro at full price. The temporary general license that kept Google Mobile Services alive on Huawei phones ended August 13th, leaving all Huawei phones released before the May 2019 trade ban without Google service or security updates.

Your old Huawei phone is still usable—at least for now. The problem is that it won’t receive regular security patches, firmware updates, or app updates. As Samsung, LG, and Google phones move on to Android 11, your Huawei handset is stuck on Android 10 with aging privacy and security features.

Of course, Huawei phones released after the May 2019 trade ban are unaffected. They use a custom version of Android and continue to receive updates directly from Huawei.

The US considers Huawei a national security risk and recently severed the company’s access to high-end smartphone chips. A reversal in the trade ban is unlikely to happen anytime soon. If you’re using an old Huawei phone, now might be the time to start shopping for a replacement.

Source: Huawei via Engadget

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