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GeForce NOW Game Streaming Comes to Chromebooks With a Web-Based Player

GeForce NOW running on a Chromebook

GeForce NOW, NVIDIA’s cloud game streaming service, launched with support on Windows and Mac PCs, Android phones, and the SHIELD set-top box. And that’s great…but those platforms already have access to the PC games that it streams, to a greater or lesser extent. Today NVIDIA fills in a major gap by streaming GeForce NOW service to Chromebooks.

The feature launches today in beta with a web-based client, accessible in Chrome from play.geforcenow.com. The experience should be fairly similar to Google’s Stadia, which also uses a web-based interface on desktop and laptop devices, taking advantage of the built-in keyboard and touchpad, or USB mice and Bluetooth controllers. Previously GeForce NOW was kinda-sorta available on Chromebooks via the Android app, but that wasn’t an optimal experience.

All of the games supported by GeForce NOW should be accessible from the new interface, and players can access it with either the free tier or the $10-a-month Founders membership, which unlocks longer play sessions and better in-game visuals from NVIDIA’s RTX cards. Gamers need to have purchased the games on Steam, Epic, Uplay, or Origin in order to use them with GeForce NOW, and progress on games you’re playing will sync across devices.

NVIDIA also notes that support for the Ansel artistic screenshot system is coming soon to PC and Mac clients, but that Chromebooks would have to wait a bit longer. Oddly, NVIDIA didn’t say whether or not the beta web interface will work on conventional Windows and Mac devices, as Stadia does. Technically, there’s no reason that it wouldn’t.

Source: NVIDIA

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