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Plugable’s Newest USB-C Dock Supports Triple Monitors for Just $150

Plugable UD-3900PDZ dock, with laptop and three monitors.

There are a lot of USB-C docking stations out there, but it’s surprisingly hard to find one that can handle three monitors at once, even on the super-expensive models. Today Plugable is introducing one that has three HDMI-out ports going over a single USB-C cable, complete with power delivery, for the relatively low price of $149.99.

The UD-3900PDZ (just rolls off the tongue, don’t it?) also features six standard USB-A ports, four rear and two front-facing, a standard Ethernet jack for wired connections, and a combined headphone/microphone jack on the front. I’d have liked to have seen an SD card slot (since that’s no longer a given on laptops), but this is still a pretty great value.

Those HDMI ports can output at 1920×1200 on all displays, with 4K/30Hz support on one port. So while they can’t pump out a Matrix-style wall full of displays, they should be more than capable of powering a budget or mid-range triple display setup over a single cable. It outputs 60 watts over USB-C, so it should be able to power all but the most chonky of gaming laptops.

The UD-3900PDZ goes on sale today on Amazon, Newegg, and Walmart’s online store. Plugable says there’s a $10 off coupon available for its launch.

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