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The LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System Is Back in Stock, but It Won’t Last

A LEGO NES next to an actual NES.

LEGO is on a Nintendo kick as of late, between its Super Mario sets and the new Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) set. But they don’t last. The Super Mario sets are currently on backorder, and the NES system was on backorder. But now it’s in stock. If you want it, go get it right now.

If you missed the news about the LEGO NES, we’ll catch you up. This set is a blend of nostalgia and features. It has you building a replica Nintendo console, cartridge and controller, an old CRT monitor, and a “level” of the original Super Mario Bros game.

The set has 2646 pieces and works with the electronic Super Mario from the Super Mario starter set for sounds. You can’t play a real game of course, but you do turn a hand crank to make the level of the TV scroll, and the little Mario jumps up and down across the obstacles and enemies.

The NES cartridge does fit inside the console, and thankfully that’s where the similarity ends. You won’t have to blow into the cartridge to get the game to work.

At $230, it’s not an inexpensive set, but it has a lot to offer. It sold out almost immediately when it debuted, so if you want a LEGO NES, you should stop reading this and go buy one.

Josh Hendrickson Josh Hendrickson
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