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Peanut Butter Chex Is the Best Peanut Butter Cereal

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Price: $3.98
The Peanut Butter Chex box
Cameron Summerson / Review Geek

I’m going to be very clear here: I love peanut butter. On sandwiches or crackers, in oatmeal, on toast, mixed with chocolate, and most other applications that are suitable for the use of peanut butter. But peanut butter-flavored cereals might be my favorite use of peanut butter. And Peanut Butter Chex is the best of the sub-niche of peanut butter cereals.

When I’m walking down the digital aisles of my virtual grocery store (because, you know, pandemic life has grocery delivery on lock at this point), I spend a ridiculous amount of time in the cereal section. Sometimes I order two, three, or even four boxes at a time because I can’t make up my mind. But one thing is certain: If there’s a peanut butter cereal I haven’t tried, it’s going in my cart.

And that’s exactly what happened when I spied Peanut Butter Chex a few weeks ago. I’m not saying it’s a new cereal (I honestly don’t know how long it’s been around), but I am saying that I hadn’t tried it. So, into the cart it went. I’m about three boxes deep now, and after giving it careful consideration, I think it might be my new favorite cereal.

A pic of the nutrition info of Peanut Butter Chex

Chex is always a winner in my book anyway—it has great texture, doesn’t get overly soggy in milk, and isn’t excessively sugary. It’s a win-win-win in the complex and cutthroat cereal scene. Peanut Butter Chex has a slightly more complex macro balance than other forms of Chex, mostly because the “Made with Real Peanut Butter!” aspect bumps the fat to a level higher than other Chex cereals. Here’s a quick look at the key nutritional facts:

  • 180 calories per 41-gram serving)
  • 4.5 grams of fat (0.5g Saturated)
  • 32 grams of carbohydrates (9g sugar)
  • 3 grams of protein

Overall, that’s a pretty decent balance—about 71 percent carbs, 22 percent fat, and 7 percent protein. Pair that with milk and the balance changes, of course, but you get the idea. At 9 grams, it’s not overly sugary compared to most other cereals, and I find it to be just sweet enough to satiate my sweet tooth.

But the best part about Peanut Butter Chex (well, aside from the amazing flavor profile) is the texture. All Chex is decently crunchy out of the box, but it’s also slightly buttery in a way that melts in your mouth. This is even truer with Peanut Butter Chex, because it’s even more buttery than other Chex cereals. It’s amazing.

Peanut Butter Chex in a bowl with almond milk
I like it with Almond Milk. You should try it. Cam

And it pretty much stays that way throughout the duration of your bowl—unless you’re an unusually slow eater (or have like 5+ servings at once), the odds are you won’t have to deal with soggy cereal. I generally pair all cereals with original almond milk, which also adds just a bit of extra sweetness to the bowl. It’s pretty excellent.

At this point, you might be wondering what makes Peanut Butter Chex better than other peanut butter cereals. That’s a question that’s a bit harder to answer because there are some strong contenders in this field—like Kashi Go Peanut Butter. Really, it boils down to the combination of the flavor profile, which really does taste like peanut butter, and the texture. Add the fact that it doesn’t really get too soggy in milk, and you have a winning combination.

Given that peanut butter cereal is the best cereal, and Peanut Butter Chex is the best peanut butter cereal, that might mean Peanut Butter Chex is objectively the best cereal on Earth. Maybe.

Rating: 9/10
Price: $3.98

Here’s What We Like

  • Real peanut butter flavor
  • Stays crunchy in milk
  • Good macro balance

And What We Don't

  • More expensive per ounce than other cereals

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