Amazon’s New Dock For Fire Tablets Makes the Echo Show Obsolete

Amazon’s giving you one less reason to buy the Echo Show. With a Fire HD tablet and the Show Mode charging dock, you can get an Echo with a screen that you can take with you.

The Echo Show is a unique model in the Echo lineup. It’s designed to watch video and it has a touchscreen. Aside from the bedroom-focused Echo Spot, it’s the only Echo that lets you get visual feedback as well as audio from Alexa. Until now. Amazon has released a charging dock for the Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 that turn your tablet into an Echo Show, complete with an always-listening Alexa.

If you already have a Fire HD tablet, then the dock is a much cheaper way to get an Echo with a screen in your home. The Fire HD 8 dock costs $40 while the Fire HD 10 version costs $55 (though Prime members get a $5 discount on each right now). You can pick up a Fire HD 8 tablet for as low as $80, so even if you don’t have the tablet already, buying the tablet and the dock is still cheaper than the Echo Show.

Source: Amazon via The Verge

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