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Microsoft Just Unveiled Its New Xbox Experience, and It Looks Much Better

Xbox New Experience features a redesigned interface for Xbox consoles, PC play, and the new mobile app

Today Microsoft unveiled its new Xbox experience, promising faster load times and a more intuitive experience whether you play on a console, PC, or mobile device. The changes will start rolling out over the next few weeks, and will be welcomed given the console’s current user experience.

Microsoft’s focus on an improved user experience will also translate to the new Xbox Series X when it comes out later this year, as well as to Project xCloud and the Xbox mobile app, so things look consistent and intuitive no matter where you’re playing from. “The overall layout of most of the console pages remains familiar, just faster and more focused,” said Chris Novak, Head of Xbox Research and Design. The redesign will include tweaks to make text more readable, on-screen elements easier to understand, and to provide a faster and more appealing experience overall.

Speed is one of the defining features of the Series X, and Microsoft also wants to keep it at the foreground of the new Xbox experience. The Xbox Velocity Architecture and Quick Resume technology will help your games download and launch faster. Your Home screen will load 50% faster when first booting it up and it’ll load nearly 30% faster when returning to it from a game which will, together, use up 40% less memory.

Earlier this month, Microsoft also announced the new Microsoft Store, which was revamped so it would load faster and make searching for and downloading games more efficient. It also made it easier to identify games that are discounted or otherwise included in any active memberships you have, like Xbox Game Pass.

The new Xbox mobile app for Android and iOS makes it easy to share awesome game clips you just saved on your console online or with friends, and chat with friends or launch parties at home or on the go. Notifications will be consolidated and streamlined across all platforms, and chats and parties will now be able to be accessed from a single tab in the console Guide.

We are looking forward to seeing these new updates roll out over the next few months, and to see Project xCloud in action on September 15.

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