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Quick Tip: MasterClass Lets You Learn Skills Right from the Experts

MasterClass website landing page with pictures of celebrity experts

When you’re learning about something you’re interested in, it’s a good experience. When you get to learn about something you love from a professional, it becomes a great experience. With MasterClass, you can learn about a variety of subjects from over 85 A-list celebrity experts.

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The great thing about MasterClass is that on-demand access to the experts is now available to anyone for just $15 per month. No longer do you have to join an elite school or program, or rely on your connections (or sheer dumb luck) just to have a chance to hear what experts have to say about working in their field, their process, or tips. It’s an essential way to reconnect with learning and dive into topics you’ve always been curious about—especially if you love educational things like TED talks—and a great way to continue your education as an adult.

MasterClass has a flat-out impressive roster of over 85 instructors, including Gordon Ramsay, Hanz Zimmer, Ron Howard, Misty Copeland, Nail Gaiman, Shonda Rhimes, Stephen Curry, Tony Hawk, Garry Kasparov, Paul Krugman, Anna Wintour, Frank Gehry, and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Lessons span topics such as Photography, Violin, Interior Design, Game Theory, Poker, Reading Poetry, Economics, Negotiation, Electronic Music Production and much more.

It’s safe to say that MasterClass has a little something for everyone. The monthly subscription gets you access to every lesson, as well as PDF workbooks, audio-only lessons, and the ability to download course videos and watch them offline. New standard and live classes are added regularly, and you can also take some enjoyment from the fact that MasterClass has a Grants program that donates All-Access Passes to accredited charitable organizations.

Clicking on a class takes you to a page where you can watch a class trailer and a sample lesson video. MasterClass clearly didn’t spare a dime when it came to filming, and the super-high production value (which includes relevant sets and even background music), makes it easy to properly see and hear your instructor at all times. Individual videos are typically grouped together in topical sections and run anywhere from 10-25 minutes, give or take. These shorter lengths of the videos make them easier to digest and easier to fit into your schedule.

On that same page, you can also view a brief class overview. You’ll be able to see the title of each section of the course, a quick blurb about it, and look over each corresponding video within a section, along with short descriptions for each. The careful design and curation of the course curriculum are evident in it how well-thought-out, yet beginner-friendly it is.

Chef Gordon Ramsay's MasterClass course overview

As you progress through a course, you’ll also be able to join in that course’s community. Here you can talk with other students about the concepts taught within the course, as well as discuss questions together, and get feedback on your coursework.

MasterClass is available online, so you can access it on any computer, or you can find it as an iOS app, an Android app, or in the Roku Channel Store. The company previously offered the ability to purchase a single course, rather than the all-access subscription, but now appears to be sticking only with the $15 per month subscription plan.

Though MasterClass’s course selection is more limited than those from other online learning sites, like Coursera or Skillshare, it’s hard to argue with its A-list talent and high production value. The binge-worthy service is an easy way to learn something new and expand your mind, while seeing how the pros approach their craft.

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