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The 5 Best Reddit Apps for Android

Reddit app logo stock image on Android phone sitting on desk with coffee, glasses, and other accessories

Reddit is known as the “front page of the internet,” and is a good place for reading up on the latest news, seeing funny or fascinating content, and, of course, watching cats do silly things. But you don’t have to go to Reddit dot com for your daily fix—there are tons of apps that do a better job than the homepage ever could.

The best Reddit apps have clean intuitive interfaces and tons of options for customizing the look of the app, be it with themes or the size, color, and type of font. They also offer a plethora of tools for moderators and can support popular features like Reddit Coins, multiple accounts, widgets, spoiler warning alerts, and a wide array of file types and posting tools. For what it’s worth, most of these apps also have their own subreddits you can join, which makes it easy for you to stay up to date on new developments and connect with fellow community members.

No Reddit app is necessarily the best overall; rather, each has its own strengths that attract its own devout following. Some pride themselves on robust tools and features, while others focus on pretty aesthetics and ease of use. It just comes down to what you’re looking for from an Android Reddit app. We recommend trying a few out before settling on one.

OG Goodness: The Official Reddit App

the official reddit app showing news, cute pictures, and other features

If you’re new to using Reddit on mobile (or in general) the official app for Reddit (free) is a great place to start. It has all of the standard features you’d expect from a good Reddit app and, of course, it supports Reddit Coins. The navigation bar at the bottom of the app has five options for viewing your Home feed and the Popular feed, finding and accessing your joined subreddits, making a new post, chatting in Rooms or with another user, and viewing your inbox. This simple Reddit app runs smoothly and does exactly what it advertises for casual users, but if you’re looking for more customization or additional features, you might want to consider another app.

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Gorgeous and Easy to Use: Sync for Reddit

sync for reddit app for viewing posts as cards, a night amoled setting, and other features
Sync for Reddit

If you want a Reddit app with a slick uncluttered design that’s incredibly easy to use, go with Sync for Reddit (Free with ads, or $3.99). Its card-based Material Design UI means that it’s easy to use and that images and other elements will load quickly and look great. The app supports multiple accounts, has an advanced submission editor, and syncs your posts between it and the desktop version. Color-coded comments make for drastically easier skimming, and built-in sidebar support lets you view subreddit info at a glance.

Sync also boasts spoiler support, recommends new subreddits based on your activity, lets you open multiple subreddits at once, and has an awesome night theme with AMOLED support. You can also get rid of ads with this version of the app for $3.99.

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The Classic Reddit Experience: rif is fun

rif is fun looks like classic reddit and has a dark mode
rif is fun

Rif is fun (Free with ads, or $2.99), aka “RIF,” is formerly known as “reddit is fun,” but trademark licensing changes pushed a name change for the popular app. It is designed to look like classic Reddit, with lots of text and small media thumbnails off to the side, but still offers modern functionality for a smooth user experience.

RIF supports tons of file types and offers a fair selection of moderator tools. There’s even a widget option if you want to be able to view top posts on your feed at a glance without opening the app. Rif is fun comes in a free ad-supported version as well as a paid ad-free version for $2.99. You can find a knowledgebase on the developer’s site for troubleshooting or just learning more about the app.

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Fast and Feature-Rich: Boost for Reddit

boost for reddit offers card-based UI and a pretty design
Boost for Reddit

Boost for Reddit (free) is super-fast and intuitive. It uses a card-based Material Design UI, which always makes for a gorgeous and easygoing user experience. Boost supports media previews for images and GIFs, post filtering, moderator tools, and has a nice widget. It also offers multiple themes to choose from, including one designed for AMOLED displays, and you can also customize theme colors and fonts.

Boost is loaded with tons of amazing features, and is great for those who like to have lots of control over granular settings across. It supports multiple view modes within a subreddit, like cards with large photos, mini cards with thumbnails, slide shows for swiping between posts, image galleries for posts with lots of photos, a compact list, and more, and each can be configured for left-hand users as well.

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Animations and Smooth Navigation: Relay for Reddit

relay for reddit with multiple layout view options and image slide shows
Relay for Reddit

Relay for Reddit (free with ads, or $3.99) has a card-based Material Design UI and offers some super neat features that make the user experience incredibly smooth and pleasant. When scrolling through your feed, lightly swiping a post to the left reveals a fleet of options, from upvoting and saving to sharing and commenting. Tap on a media thumbnail to expand it, and in a post, you can easily collapse nested comments (or see how many there are) simply by tapping it. There are also options for autoplaying media, hiding read posts, text editing, and a nighttime-friendly dark mode.

The navigation bar at the bottom has options for sorting your feed, refreshing it, making a post, viewing your followed subreddits, and accessing other tools and options. A handy sidebar offers quick navigation to your posts, profile, inbox, moderator tools, friends, and other settings. As for layout customization, you can choose to display posts as a list, gallery, or with small or large cards for easy viewing. If you want to enjoy the app without ads, upgrade to the $3.99 version.

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