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The SuperTank Pro Battery Can Charge Four Phones or Two Laptops Simultaneously

A Zendure SuperTank Pro powering multiple devices.

Anyone who travels should consider a portable battery, and when it comes to charging laptops, the original Zendure SuperTank tops our list. But what if you need more? Zendure’s follow up, the SuperTank Pro, just hit Kickstarter, and it earns that Pro moniker. Thanks to its 4 USB-C ports, it can charge four devices simultaneously or two laptops if you need it.

A quick note about Kickstarter Projects:

Kicsktarters always come with the potential that you may not get the exact product you ordered or any product at all. This team does have a known history and existing products on the market, but that doesn’t guarantee it will deliver the SuperTank Pro. Back at your own risk.

The SuperTank Pro looks to a beefy battery that stretches the limits of the term “portable.” But you get a lot for all the bulk. It’s a 26,800 mAh capable of 138 Watts of total output. That’s enough to juice charge a phone four times, or charge a laptop or two.

And thanks to its four USB-C ports, it can do that—charge two laptops or four phones. And if you’re charging a MacBook, the battery puts out power about as quick as your wallplug. Two of the ports are 100 W, while two are 18 W. And if you’re wondering things are looking, check out the OLED screen.

The screen gives you important information like how much energy the battery has left, how quickly it’s charging a device, and whether it’s charging or taking charge. The battery has a specialized T1 battery fuel gauge so it can adapt to your device properly. It can even take firmware updates, so your battery won’t age out as manufacturers release new products.

You can back the product on Kickstarter right now for $149. Zendure says that’s 40% off the final retail price (so around $250), and should deliver sometime in November 2020, barring any problems.

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